Hozuki's Coolheadedness

Alt title: Hozuki no Reitetsu

TV (13 eps)
3.872 out of 5 from 3,686 votes
Rank #1,530

Japanese Hell consists of 272 subdivisions, and the demon Hozuki is tasked with making sure they all run smoothly. Calm and level-headed, he efficiently navigates Hell's internal affairs while his boss, the Great King Enma, is busy judging the dead. Although Hozuki has a soft spot for cute animals and is known for his love of gardening Goldfish Flowers, he's certainly no pushover. This demonic bureaucrat has a mile-wide sadistic streak that keeps his subordinates and even King Enma himself in check. Is Hozuki's iron will - and iron club - enough to keep the afterlife running smoothly?

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                 Hoozuki is the aide to the Great King Enma. Calm, cool, and super-sadistic, Hoozuki tries to resolve the various problems in Hell. However, he also enjoys spending his free time on his hobbies ... such as fawning over cute animals and raising his Goldfish plants. Hoozuki has this laid back atmosphere that you wouldn't expect from an anime set in ... well ... hell. It's not in your face comedy but, there are a few episodes that made me burst into outright laughter! Overall I think the intention was just to make you smile or chuckle a bit ... and for me it did that and more. The first time I heard the OP I make a face like -_-" The OP is absurdly cheerful for an anime set in hell and at first I didn't care for it. But it grew on me ... kind of like mold >.<"  I actually love it now and I had begun to look forward to hearing it every episode ... go figure lol. The ED though was akin to torture, but again ... if you take into account where Hoozuki is set ... it fits! xD The characters were fun! Hoozuki scared the sh*t out of more than half the characters but that added to the fun!  I loved the rivalry between Hoozuki and Hakutaku. That was endlessly amusing to me! :D Hoozuki was a badass!  Enma was a funny character in the way he was supposed to be 'The Great King Enma' and yet ... Hoozuki was totally the one in charge! (Enma just didn't quite realize that fact!) xD Overall a very laid back anime that I enjoyed a great deal. I miss it! :(


Do you like crazy, over the top humour and Japanese mythology? If yes, then this is the perfect anime for you. No, seriously, don't even bother reading the rest of this and just get watching. If you prefer your humour less sadistic and insane, then seriously why are you even considering an anime with so many tags relating to it? If, however, you need a little more persuading, then you've come to the right place. There's a great review right above this one, go read it, it's... ok, ok, just kidding. I feel like I should probably stop waffling and actually get on with the review.  Hozuki no Reitetsu is a rather over the top comedy, with a lot of physical homour. It really doesn't differ much from others of that genre, other than it being in hell. It doesn't particularly break any boundaries, but it's still a funny ride with some interesting and colourful characters.  Hozuki's one of those weird characters that kind of seems to be pretty two dimensional, but actually ends up with quite a bit of depth. He's a total sadist, very coolheaded (as the name of the show implies), and all round generally awesome. He's very much the main character, and the show really focuses on his interactions with the other characters rather than focusing on the other characters themselves. I won't go into too much detail about them all, otherwise we'll be here all day, but they're all interesting to watch, if a tiny bit two dimensional.  Overall, this is a great watch for fans of ridiculous comedies. It's funny, with interesting characters, and you get to learn a bit about Japanese hell along the way. What could be better than that? Review for Secret Santa 2017

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