Delinquent in Drag

Alt title: Oira Sukeban

OVA (1 ep x 43 min)
1.897 out of 5 from 200 votes
Rank #9,468

For Banji Suke and his family, living in one place for more than a few months seems impossible, as the childish antics of both Banji and his father keep getting them kicked out of their neighborhoods! After yet another move, Banji finds himself attending the Amazon Academy, but there's a catch: because of a mixup, his uniform is... for a girl?! Fearing certain humiliation in front of his classmates, he decides to do the only sensible thing -- masquerade as a woman.

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sothis Aug 7, 2005
Score 5/10

Sounds like a fairly entertaining OVA, right? Unfortunately, it doesn't end up being nearly as amusing as it could have been. The only similar series that comes to mind is I My Me! Strawberry Eggs, which I really disliked. But even with that series, it had humor that I enjoyed to some extent, or original type jokes, slapstick humor, etc. Delinquent in Drag, though it could have had a variety of... read more

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Delinquent in Drag
  • Vol: 7
  • 1974

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