Strawberry Eggs

Alt title: I My Me! Strawberry Eggs

TV (13 eps)
3.356 out of 5 from 5,327 votes
Rank #3,922

Hibiki is unemployed, unmotivated, and out of luck. But it seems his luck just might change: a nearby school is looking for qualified instructors, but there's a catch.. females only! With rent looming around the corner and the landlord threatening to cook the dog if you don't pay up, what's a guy to do? Become a woman, of course. Watch Hibiki as he blunders his way through embarassing situations, under the close scrutiny of the headmaster's gaze and his female students' admiration.

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Totadox's avatar
Totadox Feb 26, 2015
Score 9/10

First I would like to say that this anime is pretty silly. It really surprised me actually, because a glance at it mislead me to think it would be fairly average and possibly not worth it. Then I found myself laughing out loud and enjoying every minute and character, even the two pervy dudes who are always up for some school girl peepin. I watched it for the tags, so if you don't care for them, then leave it... read more

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tollie01 Mar 30, 2019
Score 3/10

First some items I need to adress. I'm Dutch to expect some spelling errors, if they are to annoying just message me and I'll fix it. My opinion may vary from others and this is fine. People are different so there is a good chance that I will not like what you love. Deal with it. I'm not telling you that you should hate it too, I'm telling you why I didn't like it. I'll try to keep swearing to a minimum but... read more



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