Dark Cat

OVA (1 ep x 50 min)
1.542 out of 5 from 335 votes
Rank #10,279

When evil overtakes the heart of man, it destroys his soul, changing him into a hideous creature of flesh and darkness. And where there is evil, there are Hyoi and Ryoi Kagezaki, humans who can morph into cats, known as the Dark Cats. In the present, a great evil is manifesting in a local high school, leading Ryoi and Hyoi to enroll and investigate. But the source of the evil may not be who they might normally suspect, and the consequences of the discovery may very well be deadly...

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sothis Sep 17, 2004
Score 6.5/10

Dark Cat was just... weird. I can’t really think of any other way to put it, because it’s the best word to describe it. I am sitting here wondering who came up with this plot in the first place, because it seems kind of random. We have the concept that evil invades people’s spirits through their dark feelings (and positive ones too, sometimes). And for the sake of the Dark Cat OVA (and many... read more

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Shidira Nov 22, 2009
Score 4/10

Story: This was an interesting anime, to say the least. This story had about three different plots going on at the same time, making it hard to follow which story is being told when, and for what purpose. The "main" story that is trying to be told is of two brothers, Hyoi and Ryoi, who infiltrate a school in order to find a source of evil behind the disappearances of random people. Very quickly... read more



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