Vampire Wars

Alt title: Vampire Sensou

OVA (1 ep x 50 min)
1.857 out of 5 from 552 votes
Rank #9,314

Kousaburo Kuki is a no-nonsense man's man who's good with his fists, and with the ladies. Currently residing in the seedy underbelly of Paris, his best friends are prostitutes and his life seems uneventful -- that is, until a friend is brutally murdered and he finds himself entrapped in a twisted nightmare of conspiracies and creatures of the night known as vampires. With the CIA and other organizations after the woman he is sworn to protect, Kuki must risk his life to find the truth, lest he end up dead from a vampire's bite!

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sothis's avatar
sothis Sep 17, 2004
Score 6.5/10

I'll admit, when I turned on Vampire Wars I expected something really stupid. It surely would have something to do with vampires fighting humans or something contrived and generic, and would be an utter waste of time. I was pleasantly surprised when I discovered I was wrong! In fact, Vampire Wars ends up having a very interesting plot, namely about where the vampires came from, why they are on... read more

AverageJoseph's avatar
AverageJoseph Mar 9, 2014
Score 1/10

As a young misguided teen I went through a phase of anime interest, which lasted my final school years, when I would purchase renowned Manga's that were genuinely well made films - the likes of Akira, Ninja Scroll and Spirited Away, still take pride of place on my shelf. However, during those foolish days I came across Manga 'The Collection' - a bunch of films, short and long (and series) supposedly worthy of... read more



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