Amon: Apocalypse of Devilman

Alt title: Amon Devilman Mokushiroku

OVA (1 ep x 45 min)
3.154 out of 5 from 1,258 votes
Rank #13,522

Time has passed since Akira Fudo was possessed by the powerful demon Amon, giving him the ability to change into Devilman. Humans have become increasingly paranoid of demon attacks, resorting to murder of innocent civilians with mob mentality – among nicer things. Akira continues to fight against the demon armies with his companions – but when his girlfriend Miki is brutally murdered, his will breaks and the sadistic Amon is unleashed, controlling his body. The final battle awaits in Akira’s mind – can he defeat Amon and control his body once more?

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StoryPoison-spitting nipples? Extreme gore? Monsters whose faces appear to be coming out of giant vaginas? That's right, Amon: Apocalypse of Devilman could only have been created by the illustrious Go Nagai. Amon is a direct sequel to the Devilman OVA, and essentially replaces the latter part of the TV series (with differences in the final battle and other elements). Akira Fudo is still around and still fighting demons - the powerful demon Amon inside of him, combined with his human heart, gives him the ability to control his body and fight as Devilman. However (and I don't consider this a major spoiler, given that it happens in the first few minutes) Akira's girlfriend Miki is soon brutally murdered, and while Akira checks out mentally, Amon takes over Akira's body. This is a bit of problem, given that Amon is brutal and merciless and doesn't care who or what he kills. Easily the most disturbingly violent anime I've had the misfortune of seeing, Amon is a very difficult watch. With bone-crunching bravado, we watch people be practically ripped in half, eaten alive, and overall mangled in a variety of creative ways - all with incredibly realistic sound effects that tell a chilling narrative. Given that the story is practically non-existent, and you'd only watch this for the violence, I suppose it does its job - but be forewarned, only those who are totally desensitized to torture or otherwise have a sadistic streak would be able to appreciate this. I liked Elfen Lied, I liked GANTZ, and I like cheesy gore-filled horror anime from the 80s; but Amon smashes any chance of disassociating animation with real gore when it includes such a realistic spread of sound effects. Though I strongly did not enjoy watching this OVA, due to the gore's effectiveness it's probably necessary to give the story section a solid 7.AnimationThough Amon relies on its violence for fan appeal, it's generally the audio that takes the center stage for effectiveness. That being said, the animated gore is still brutal to watch and helps provide a perfect counterpart to the audio. Massive sprays of blood emerge from holes that have been punched through demon bodies, and floods of the substance fill the street in the midst of a massacre. The character designs are very typical Go Nagai-style, with bizarre sexual undertones (poison-spitting nipples, anyone?) and ugly features. SoundThough minimal (and at times, non-existent), the audio track for Amon is practically perfect for the tone and feel. Gruesome crunches, slurps and tearing noises deliver a visceral punch that will leave you nauseous well after completion. Accompanying tracks are haunting and memorable. Though dated, Amon's soundtrack is perfectly matched with its story. CharactersThe most deficient element of the anime, Amon's characters are fairly flat and uninteresting. If you haven't seen the original OVA, you won't be empathetic to Akira's loss and thus, the battles will not be as engaging. If you have seen the original OVA, you'll feel somewhat empathetic; regardless, you'll be reeling from the nonstop violence to far too much of an intensity to appreciate any element of character development (of which there is practically none). All good and bad demons have no identifying characteristics or personalities - save for Akira's two cohorts. OverallThis is one of those reviews that I'd love to rate low for sheer lack of enjoyment, but I must rate high due to its original purpose and effectiveness. Amon excels at what it aspires to be: a nonstop violence-fest filled with disturbing gore and murders. If you want something over the top that will make you feel sick for hours to come, check out Amon.

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