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Dassem Apr 12, 2009

I really like how Yu Yu Hakusho starts, it has one of my favorite beginnings. I am up to about episode 70, and I plan on picking it up again later.

I watched FMA a while back, and found it interesting. It has a nice blend of comedy and action, and it has a good story line. I just watched FMA Brotherhood episode 1. Ill be watching them as they come out, as long as it stays interesting.

chibikunXIII Apr 12, 2009

Yes, I like it!! There's a lot of cool poeple!!Yay, video games!! I like FF and KH  =3

Thanks =3

Dassem Apr 12, 2009

Thanks for the welcome. I've seen 2 of your top favorite, FMA and Yu Yu Hakusho (~70 eps), and liked them. I'll have to watch Saiyuki in the future.

wolfiechan16 Apr 7, 2009

♥~! Thank You. I will... ^.^

saiyaruki Feb 19, 2009

Thanks! I saw this banner thingy that showed how much anime this dude watched and I was all like I must know how much time of my life i have given to anime! So I joined! ^^