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alexis1098 Dec 27, 2008

really?!i bet once you see the ending of it you hate that show so much!!i still did not see all of the episodes for fullmetal alchimist yet and i am dieing to watch the movie for it!!

Stealth Dec 27, 2008

I meant that not the whole manga is scahlated. Or at least I can't find it ;( I was able able to find only the first 13 volumes. In my country, there is no manga and I can't afford ordering from abroad and paying 3 or 4 times higher price... =_= Till now I only bought some of my fav manga - some volumes of PSoH, Godchild, Fruits basket and some other...

Nya, it's sad, living in a county without manga... I really envy all from USA, UK and so on... and from Japan of course ^^"

Stealth Dec 27, 2008

Dragon knights? I liked the art and thought about starting the manga, but a friend told me that it wasn;t fihished neither. And I hate when I could not read the story till the end.

Btw, love your nick name! Makes me wanna drink a big cup of coffee with lots, lots of sugar ^^

youkais Dec 27, 2008

SAIYUKI~!! I love the manga over the anime, but the anime is pretty good anyway *o*.

"I'm a total dork, and when I recognize a voice in an anime I'll go on wikipedia or something and see where they came from. :3 Idunno why, I just love seeing how animes are related via voice actor".

I know that feeling! I do the same (but I look on animenewsnetwork, it is a bit faster)!

And... I like Beyblade too! I am dying to find it complety and subbed XD

See you around!! *-*

Animetycoon Dec 27, 2008

lol sorry :P got bored xD