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RiniChan Apr 13, 2009


wolfiechan16 Apr 13, 2009

Haha.. Yes. *nod nod* Comedy and Action in one is definately like heaven. That's why I love bleach...Plus there are... hot guys.. hehe ♥~!

wolfiechan16 Apr 13, 2009

Oh.. So desu. What Else I like to watch...

Animes  like KKM... shounen-ai ^.^ wooooooo.... hahaha. And funny animes, romance and school life (special a, la corda d'oro, SUZUKA) mysterious and somewhat horror animes (jigoku shoujo, death note) Action(bleach)

or anything that I feel like watching.. haha


wolfiechan16 Apr 13, 2009

I haven't either but I'm almost finished... I'm at ep. 111

chibikunXIII Apr 13, 2009


Yeah!! My favourite is rose tea.

Well, for me summer is ok if I can have watermelon. I won't even complain about the heat. =3

I'm obsessed about watermelon...Oh, and... Let's do tea!!!!!

*Goes make tea*

(Do or make?)

TT^TT I don't have rose tea...

Only green tea... It's my favourite winter drink!! (I'm talking about tea)

I love smells so good, and it's so beautiful... All is white!!!