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shadowds Apr 14, 2009

nice o you should try reading gintama it's really funny got up to vol 10 and buying more soon so how u been?

shadowds Apr 14, 2009

i been fan of that when they 1st made the vol 1 book and i found it in a old used booked store out of the city while on summer break also the book was till new XD got it for $5

shadowds Apr 14, 2009

Hello the name shadowds if you need help find anime to watch online i can send you links where you can watch online or download up to you just ask when ever you need help ^^

How are you doing? ^^ also i like that pet shop of horror avatar it's very good show and manga too i love the manga alot XD so funny in the story so many to tell as well. ^^

anthonystx Apr 14, 2009

Thank you this is a very informative website. 

Cloudsx Apr 13, 2009

Thanks for the warm welcome =) yeah i liked my avater to :)