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chibikunXIII Apr 13, 2009

Hihihi, do you watch Bleach also?

If so, I loved Gin's ''bye-bye!'' to Ichigo!!! It was soooooo sarcastic and mean!!

My way of thinking? Well, when I'm in the mood...>3

Thank mom for making me...

Don't you love watermelon? It's the only reason I like summer ^^

chibikunXIII Apr 13, 2009

Yeah!! Right!

Riku Mickey Mouse....Lôôôôl!!!!!!1 Never thought about something so weird!!

Do you have a link?!

I'll call my friend only to tell her: Hey, Samy-kun... Your Riku's Mickey's!!! MWHAHAHAHA!!!*hangs up* >3

I'm eeeeeeeeeevil...

wolfiechan16 Apr 13, 2009


chibikunXIII Apr 13, 2009

THank you you too!!

Yeah!! I also like Jonny-Tapp...

And... Sorry but... I DON'T LIKE LENALEE!!!

Ou, sorry, please forgive me...


Anyway, what was the weird-est couple you ever saw?

wolfiechan16 Apr 13, 2009

LOL... waht made you come to my profile all of a sudden?