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youkais Jan 24, 2009

Minagawa Junko is LOVE! Saiga Mitsuki is also a good one! Don't forget Romi Paku (wow, female seiyuus *o*)

And, don't worry for the late... I just came again, I was on a "trip" for two weeks xD.



youkais Dec 30, 2008

Yeah, seiyuus are the heart of an anime. I think the characters that have the same voice actor, share something. Even if the profiles are not the same. The feel is almost... touching. (I am writting something strange, I know).

So, I became a seiyuu fan some years ago already... so I like the old-like school seiyuus like: Seki Tomokazu, Seki Toshihiko, Koyasu Takehito, Ishida Akira, Hoshi Souichiro, Hikaru Midorikawa... etc.

Who do you like form seiyuus? :D

PS: I know DATS is doing Grev with eng subs! But... they are a little slow with this one.

Stealth Dec 28, 2008

I reas almost everything. I like good shounen manga, with action and fighting and blood (well but not too much); fantasy, mystery, sometimes I just want some silly comedy, sometimes I'd love to read some romance (but without bog dramas, please...). It really depends on the plot, if it's good, I can read shounen-ai and yaoi too.

Stealth Dec 28, 2008

Thanks. But it's still not that bad, there's a lot of manga on the netq so I usually can find what I want to read...

alexis1098 Dec 28, 2008

thank you and now my cusin is lol at me because i did not watch fma the movie!!he so mean!he came and ask me the other day what would i do if had my room full of anime and i told him i wouled pull my hair out and take a gun and shut myself or take a knif and kill myself!!lol