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Hi everyone!

I am a Sophmore in college and I started to watch anime about seven years ago. It has been an amazing journey so far and I am excited to branch out and watch more anime.

I mostly watch romance anime but I am hoping to expand my horizons.

I am also really into kdramas and Chinese dramas! For kpop, I like more solo artists like Sam Kim and IU. 

Feel free to leave a comment.

Have a wonderful day!


kamisama hajimemashita

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spapag2 Sep 25, 2016

Oh so you've been in school for a couple weeks already, that's cool. How has it been a rough transition? And what classes are you taking?

Glad to hear you had a great time at your dance intensive! And I'm a little surprised you don't want to be a professional dancer after doing that really long camp, everyone I know that dances and does camps says they want to be a pro, but that's still cool. What do you want to do in the future? And that's awesome you're doing a solo with your friends, I'm sure that's going to be really fun!

I actually start this Wednesday on the 28th. We start really late for some reason so it makes for a really long summer. But I can't wait to start, I'm really going to hit it hard right when it starts. I've been saying that for the past two years and it's never turned out like that, but I have a lot more motivation this year so I can assure it's going to happen. 

Rusty is still better than nothing, and you never really forget how to do stuff like that. I haven't touched my guitar in months and I know I could play some easy stuff right away, it's really muscle memory at this point. It wouldn't sound pretty but at least it's still there haha

That's also good to hear you had a good time for your birthday and the concert, that really sounds awesome ^^ Haha do you have any pictures I can see? I love Coldplay too so that's really cool, I'm sure it's something you'll never forget!

spapag2 Sep 11, 2016

Hey!! Ok sorry for the extremely late reply, I've been busier than I ever thought I would be this summer...I've never gone this long without replying and I feel terrible... Since it's been so long I'll put your comment below so you can see what you said last:


Finals went amazing (or as amazing as assesments go). I am glad I put thm behind me until next spring...

I recently got back from a five week dance intensice so I have been finally able to relax and enjoy my summer vacation. How has your summer been going?

Regarding Kaori, I literally broke down when Arima was reading the letter too. It is so hard to explain my love for Arima. I envy his piano skills because I took lessons for about three years and then quit. I really regret myself not persevering but I hope I can it up later in life. From Your Lie in April and my hobby of dance, I fell in love with classical music. 

And oh my goodness! You went on a cruise to Alaska! That's so cool! You nonchalantly mentioned in your last response to me. I went on a cruise with my family to Alaska but that was when I was about four or five. I don't cleary remember it but I have pictures. All your summer festivals sound super fun. After getting back from my hard intensive, I don't have too much going on. I hope to read some challenging books and get ahead in school. Also hanging out with my friends. The two most exciting things coming up is that I am going to a Coldplay concert and my sweet sixteen. I can finally get my driving permit. I hope your summer is going well! 


So!! I'm glad to hear your finals went well! When do you start school again?

How did your dance intensive go? That's insane, I've never heard of anything lasting five weeks 0.0 Do you want to be a dancer in the future? My summer has been amazing but crazy, I've been working and doing so much stuff which is awesome but at the same time I don't like it because I never get a chance to relax and do what I want to (as of writing this comment) was the all summer that I can remember where I actually got to cook breakfast and sit down and enjoy it...and I go back to school in a week. So I actually can't wait for school to start so I can actually get free time to do what I want -.- \

Haha don't worry I know what you mean, I love Arima too and there are many characters I feel the same way for too, it's just hard to explain how much you really love them. Can you still remember how to play or is it completely gone now? I'm sure you'll get to it again in the future, that's what I'm hoping for!! I really fell in love with classical music because of YliA too ^^

Haha yeah my cruise was amazing!! Definitely one of the best things I've ever done, but I couldn't enjoy it as much as I should have because I was working on a major application for college. But next year I will for sure! I hope your summer ended up being great like you described with your Coldplay concert and sweet sixteen!! Tell me how they went! :D 

spapag2 Jul 12, 2016

How did your finals go?? And how are you enjoying your summer so far? :D

Oh that sounds nice, how did that go too? I miss always having baseball to do during the summer, even if it was really tiring and took a lot of time like that.

Haha that's good you think it's a little fun, since we grew up with it and they didn't there's nothing wrong with not knowing but I always get annoyed when they ask for the simplest things. It's bad but it's hard not to >.< I know how that feels though, my life used to be all school and baseball, and now it's all school x.x 

Kaori can be pushy at times which was a little eh, but when it's all explained in the letter it broke me... T.T How long did you play piano for? I love Arima too, he's actually one of my favorite male characters and the reason why I finally started learning piano. I listen to classical, especially piano music too! And the songs from the anime are probably my most played in my youtube playlist. Dang that's really awesone she plays something from the anime during dance class, I'd freak out too.

Yeah I can't believe how much we're actually doing this summer..I went on a cruise to Alaska a week ago, then we took a trip to an indoor water park/hotel last weekend, then I have two cons and a crabbing weekend next month, a Japanese festival next weekend, and a "festival" called Seafair where I'm from with too many things to do, and I may be volunteering for it this year. Do you have any summer plans?

And sorry about the late response again, I've just been way too busy since school got out so I havne't been able to come on here at all ><

spapag2 Jun 11, 2016

It's ok don't worry about it! I just finished finals so I know how exactly how you feel, and it's not fun x.x How did your dance recitals go though? And are you almost done/already done with school?

Wow that's a lot of dancing, more than what I did for baseball I think 0.o Are you planning on doing anything with dancing in the future?

Oh that's cool! Do you ever use your Nikon at all? I get sharing with your family, that's how all of our stuff is pretty much, only my parents don't know how to use a lot of it so it ends up being me xD Haha makes sense that he would get mad but nothing wrong with it, it's just taking a picture x) Food photography is really interesting and really does make you hungry though ><

Haha how do you choose a side when they play each other? Or do you not and end up being happy with whoever wins? 

Yes Your lie in April is my second favorite anime, I loved it so much!! I bawled at the end too, and I can't watch clips of the ending or any emotional scene without crying .-. Yeah it was weird, at times you could tell they were in middle school, but they really didn't seem like it, and it makes it even more tragic. And the music was amazing, the soudtrack is one of the best I've heard too and it's been my main study music recently. I agree, definitely one of the best I've ever seen :3

spapag2 Apr 3, 2016

No problem, we're glad to have you here too! I hope you've enjoyed the site so far, and if you have any questions or want to talk about anything I'm right here! ^.^

I like what you've done with your profile btw, making a bio is always a good step :3 You're like me, I started out watching only romance anime (ironically about two and a half years ago) and then I finally started to watch other genres as well x)

Also cool you're a dancer, anything in particular you do? Broncos are cool too, and I'm over it but still won't forget what happened last year at the Super Bowl with the Pats... -__- And photography, I'm into it too! Anything specific you do or just whatever?

And what anime do you like btw? :3

Btw sorry for the late reply, I got really busy with finals, spring break, and a con on top of Easter last weekend, so I didn't have much time to reply >.<