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Hey guys, what’s up?? My name is Steve, it’s nice to meet you!


- Best friend -


KonaIzumi was my very first friend on anime-planet and is still one of my best

friends ever! She’s awesome and really easy to talk to about anything, so check her out!



- About me - 

I’m basically a regular guy who loves anime! I’ve been watching anime since Fall 2013 with a few breaks in between. I don’t have much time to watch anymore due to work, but my love and passion for anime remains! I’m pretty open to watching anything. Romance, slice of life, and comedy are what got me into anime and tend to be my favorites, but I love many more genres too including action, psychological, and mystery.

K-On was my first real anime obsession and remains as one of my favorite anime. I absolutely love 





I love going to conventions and being around people who share the same interests! I love being involved in these events and am a staff member at my local anime convention as well as an Enforcer for PAX. If you have convention stories you’d like to share or want to talk about conventions in general, I’d love to chat!


- Other interests -


I have a wide variety of interests outside of anime, so I’ll just list them here: 

If you have any of these interests as well and want to talk about them, just message me! I’m also totally open to adding you guys on any consoles, Discord, or other social media ^^


- Top anime - 



- Other favorites -  


 - Currently watching -

(completed/finished airing)

(current season/airing)


-Profile statistics-

100th Follower - animelover5919

1000th Comment - Sewn

1100th Comment <3 - Yurispoodle









 - Introduction -

I’m going into my third year of college and working on my degree in Physics, with the option of becoming a teacher as well. But aside from that and just like everyone else, I love anime :3

I started watching anime about two years ago (Fall 2013) and haven’t stopped since! I also grew up watching Pokemon, Dragon Ball Z, and all the other shows we watched as kids.

I do have my favorite genres, but I'm open to watching pretty much anything! Generally, anime that stand out to me have charming and relatable characters, a compelling story, and satisfying character development. 



- Other Interests -

Baseball, football (if you follow the NFL, go Seahawks!!)


video games, guitar, piano, (any music really), photography, RC planes, anything related to science.

I played baseball for 9 years through high school, but stopped when I started college (nowhere near good enough to play Division 1 baseball). I still watch baseball on TV and play catch occasionally with my friends, but for now I'm done playing competitively.  




On the side, I’m into photography. I’m usually the photographer in my family and I’ve done yearbook portraits for some of my friends. My best work and all of my assignments from a class I took (coming) are posted on Please feel free to check these out and let me know what you think, it would help a lot!




  I started teaching myself how to play guitar three and a half years ago and
piano just this summer. I like playing lighter, contemporary music on guitar, making it really fun to play and sing with friends.

On piano I’m working on anime and video game songs, but am still a long way from being able to perform them.




I also play video games :3 I have a Nintendo 3DS and PS4, so if you’re up for playing with someone, let me know! I’m always looking for new friends on those. 



  - Top 5 Anime -

1. Clannad (and After Story)                  


Simply put, a masterpiece. Amazingly realistic story of the hardships and

blessings presented in life. One of the saddest, yet most beautiful anime

I have ever seen. The soundtrack is also one of the best I have heard.


2. Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso


Also one of the saddest anime I have seen. The story is not the most original,    

but is still done with an elegance that is hard to come by. Also one of the most

beautiful and emotional soundtracks I have heard. 


 3. Assassination Classroom



Amazing ride with heartwarming scenes and lessons that can be applied

to real life. Very lovable characters and reat character development with every

character. Koro sensei is one of the best characters ever.


4. K-On 


Very lighthearted and probably the cutest anime I have seen. Can’t help but smile

whenever I watch an episode, for the entire episode. The music is great and very catchy.

My favorite slice of life anime. Azusa is my girl <3

 5. Code Geass


Action packed and thrilling story with great characters.

         Has its moments of emotion that tug at your heart while

         also making you want to know what happens next.



- Other Favorites -



 - Favorite Genres -

Slice of Life, Romance, Comedy, Psychological


- Currently Watching -

(completed/finished airing)

(current season/airing)



100th Follower - animelover5919

1000th Comment - Sewn

1100th Comment <3 - Yurispoodle







 <-----  A BIG thank you to my best friend, KonaIzumi,

for helping me out with this bio! She's awesome and

you should check out her profile :D


If you want to talk about anything or just say hi, feel free to

leave a comment! I love meeting new people and I promise

I’m very friendly :D



*Please understand that because I’m a full time college student,

I may be slow at replying to comments at times. But I’ll always

reply no matter what, so don’t let that stop you!!*


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AniTerentia Feb 3, 2022

Hiii. Long time no 🙈.

Really looong time. The adventures and turbulences that happened in my life could not fit in one comment. But yea. Hope you are doing fine. Just wanted to show up so u know me still alive.

KaedeAkamatsuSimp384 Feb 3, 2022

and you like assassination classroom

and k-on!!!

KaedeAkamatsuSimp384 Feb 3, 2022

i followed u bc u seem really cool

eduarflx Sep 27, 2019

Amigo como puedote mirar los capítulos?

animeislife5 Apr 28, 2019


I haven't been on Anime Planet in so long lol. I am finally in the spring semester of my senior year of high school and I want to start watching more anime again. Do you have any recommendations? The last ones that I remember watching are Your Lie in April and Yuri on Ice. One of my friends said I should watch Erased but I have heard that is kind of dark. I also keep waiting and waiting for another season of Haikyuu and it's definitely testing my patience lol

I also noticed that you like kpop artists such as BlackPink. I have been a huge fan of them since they debuted. They actually have talent, unlike some other girl groups.