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Hi ^^)/ I'm Kona, welcome to my bio ~ and nice to meet you all !!!


☆ The origins of Kona ☆

So! I'm using this name since I watched the anime Lucky Star back in 2007. Some friends/family members who have watched this anime, they started calling me Kona for our similar personality.

Yeah ~ I'm basically shorty, a gamer lover (specially for MMORPG) and of course I love anime, manga, karaoke and cosplay.

I loved this character since the very first episode, so I didn't mind at all. Some of them don't call me by my real name anymore (^^u)



☆ A little introduction ☆ 

I got introduced to anime by family, I can say I grow up watching anime since I was a little girl ≧◡≦. Because of it, the first animes I watched are Dragon Ball, Sailor Moon, Slayer and Saint Seya. By that time internet was not like it is now days, so that's the animes you could watch on TV.

I've been always interested in the Japanese culture. I once worked with Japanese people and was a great and unforgettable experience, that's why I can't wait for the day I can visit this amazing country.

In that period, I had the chance to meet Mika Kobayashi, some way know her for the song 'Before my body is dry' theme of the anime Kill la Kill.




 I also had the chance to meet Tetsuro Shimaguchi, who is a pro sword fight choreographer and known for his work on Kill Bill 1 & 2 and others.

I also listen to Japanese music, any genre is okay ~ but my favorite is Jrock. My favorite band EVER is UVERworld (You can listen to one of their songs here) ---> UVERworld - Praying Run

So ~ that's all for now I guess ^‿^ Feel free to post in my profile page.

Mata ne !! ~~


 ☆ Currently Watching ☆




 ☆ My Clubs and Claims ☆

Seriously, you should all watch Jojo's

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DoodlebugFour Feb 21, 2024

ATLUS being ATLUS, they just announced they are releasing Shin Megami Tensei 5 Vengeance, which is an updated rerelease of 5, but this one is multiconsole than Switch exclusive.


you can still experience the original story

there's a new route added, at the start of the game there will be a choice if you want to play the original or the new route that has major changes to the story

there's a new Da'at area and a new dungeon, as well as new elements to expand exploration

they estimate 80 hours for a playthrough of Vengeance

2 new demon DLCs, Dagda and Konohana-Sakuya

the original set of DLC (not including grind DLC) is all included from the start


systems are brushed up (new QoL, etc.)

there's a lot of new quests

in order to further differentiate them demons now get a set unique skill (seems to be passive)

over 40 new demons

new way of interacting with demons outside of battle

new navigators

improved auto battle feature

when certain conditions are met the level cap will increase from 99 to 150

option to increase the speed at which skills play (normal, 2x, max, skip)

option to turn specific miracles on or off

new item that lets you reset Nahobino's stat points

option for minimap rotation instead of fix

ability to save anywhere added

can use growth items (e.g. incenses) in batches now

DoodlebugFour Feb 11, 2024

So I been watching people playing Persona 3 Reload now that it came out:

They added in New Cutscenes and Social Events that flesh out the SEES members more, as well as Strega.

The Dungeon Crawling Aspect of Tartarus has been reworked. There are also Treasure Chests that require Twilight Fragments to open. Twilight Fragments are also now currency for the Healing Station at the Lobby. The Monad Depths, which was a Unlockable Endgame Block with LVL 88+ Enemies is now reimagined as a bunch of Hidden Doors on Certain Floors that contain treasures locked behind elite enemies. A Certain Superboss that originally can only be fought on New Game Plus can be fought on a 1st Playthrough, but only if you manage to defeat a Reaper.

Party Members skill kits have been altered. Akihiko, who was the Debuff Specialist in the og now only has Tarunda (Enemy Attack Down) but gains Sukukaja (Accuracy/Envasion Up). Later joining members like Koromaru and Ken gain alot of goodies that makes more viable to use than in the old game.

They also add in new Battle Mechanics such as Shifting, which is basically Baton Pass from Persona 5 where you give a turn to a teammate after you crit or weakness hit an enemy. As well as Theurgies, which are Special Abilities that can be used once the Theurgy bar is fully charged.

The Music OST is Remixed along with some new original tracks like "It's Going Down Now" (New Battle Theme when you surprise attack Shadows) and "Color Your Night" (New Mall Theme when its Nighttime)

Voice Acting is also Redone. In English, The Main Cast are given new VAs while some of the Original VAs are in Reload as minor characters, notably Yuri Lowenthal (who used to voiced the MC and Pharos/Ryoji) voicing Yukari's late Dad. The only returning casting is Tara Platt as Elizabeth despite no longer voicing Mitsuru. In Japanese, the seiyuus for the main characters and villains were actually brought back, though Igor is now voiced by Bin Shimada due to the previous VA's passing, also the Social Links, who were unvoiced in the old are given new VAs than the ones they had in Drama CDs.

Personally I warmed up to the new English cast though I feel Yukari's New VA Heather Gonzalez isn't as good as her old VA Michelle Ruff (who's now the Antique Shop Owner) when it came to the emotional scenes or when Yukari is being a sassy mean girl and Alejandro Saab's Akihiko sounds very deep for a highschooler. Though Suzie Yeung as Fuuka and Justine Lee as Ken are considered by alot of fans as improvements over their old VAs.

A Leaked Datamine revealed that "The Answer", which was a post main game campaign in Persona 3 FES where players take control of Aigis will be DLC in the Future.

DoodlebugFour Oct 5, 2023

So there's this new Character in Genshin Impact named Neuvilette, and they casted Hiroshi Kamiya for his JP Voice, and many players felt the voice he used sounded too young and light for the character. Especially in contrast to the other language voices. His EN one being Ray Chase (Noctis, Bruno Buccirati, Tengen Uzui, Sukuna).

DoodlebugFour Jun 12, 2023

So Persona 3 is finally getting a remake for Modern Consoles, or at least Xbox and PC.

However alot of Persona Fans are disapointed that Reload won't have content from FES or Portable. Such as The Answer (Playable Epilogue Campaign that takes place after the Main Game), the Female Protagonist from Portable (Since she has her own Social Links and OST). And are worried that other FES content in the main game like Aigis's social link or the Elizabeth dates are gonna be left out in Reload. And Atlus also just announced that the Entire English VA cast has been recasted.

DoodlebugFour Mar 31, 2023

I watched Fire Emblem Engage, the newest Fire Emblem game. That is only on the Switch.


Engage brings back the Class Seal system, letting you class change characters into other classes or Promoted Classes.

Few new Classes such as Wolf Knight, as well as weapon variations of classes such as Cavaliers and Armored Knights.

Many of the Previous Lords from Past Fire Emblem games such as Marth, Roy, Lyn, and Ike are now Jojo Stands living inside Emblem Rings who you equip to your units to allow them to do special things when ENGAGED.

Some Enjoyable Characters like Diamant, Alcryst, Ivy, Yunaka, Veyle, Pandreo, and Mauvier.

Decent Voice Acting, even though if it's not on par with the ones for Shadows of Valentia or even Three Houses.


Cheesy Opening Song, even in Japanese

Alot of the character designs look like VTubers, especially the Pepsi Colored Protagonist Alear

Pretty Predictable and Cliched Storyline, that even a newcomer would expect right away

Some of the Characters personalities are pretty gimmicky/shallow

The Game's attempt at making some of the Villain characters like Zephia symphetetic falls flat

The English Version censored some of the dialogue and the Paired Endings with Underaged characters. While it's understandable for Anna (11) and Jean (10), characters around Alear's age (17) were platonicfied.