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Hi ^^)/ I'm Kona, welcome to my bio ~ and nice to meet you all !!!


☆ The origins of Kona ☆

So! I'm using this name since I watched the anime Lucky Star back in 2007. Some friends/family members who have watched this anime, they started calling me Kona for our similar personality.

Yeah ~ I'm basically shorty, a gamer lover (specially for MMORPG) and of course I love anime, manga, karaoke and cosplay.

I loved this character since the very first episode, so I didn't mind at all. Some of them don't call me by my real name anymore (^^u)



☆ A little introduction ☆ 

I got introduced to anime by family, I can say I grow up watching anime since I was a little girl ≧◡≦. Because of it, the first animes I watched are Dragon Ball, Sailor Moon, Slayer and Saint Seya. By that time internet was not like it is now days, so that's the animes you could watch on TV.

I've been always interested in the Japanese culture. I once worked with Japanese people and was a great and unforgettable experience, that's why I can't wait for the day I can visit this amazing country.

In that period, I had the chance to meet Mika Kobayashi, some way know her for the song 'Before my body is dry' theme of the anime Kill la Kill.




 I also had the chance to meet Tetsuro Shimaguchi, who is a pro sword fight choreographer and known for his work on Kill Bill 1 & 2 and others.

I also listen to Japanese music, any genre is okay ~ but my favorite is Jrock. My favorite band EVER is UVERworld (You can listen to one of their songs here) ---> UVERworld - Praying Run

So ~ that's all for now I guess ^‿^ Feel free to post in my profile page.

Mata ne !! ~~


 ☆ Currently Watching ☆




 ☆ My Clubs and Claims ☆

Seriously, you should all watch Jojo's

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DoodlebugFour Nov 30, 2022

So the Super Mario Movie is getting a Japanese dub with Mamoru Miyano as Mario, Kenta Miyake (Avdol, All Might) as Bowser, Tasaku Hatanaka as Luigi, and Tomokazu Seki (Kogami, Daru) as Toad.

DoodlebugFour Oct 26, 2022

So I learned that Takahiro Sakurai, a very prolific VA that voices Rohan, Haseo, Reigen, Cloud Strife, Suzaku, and Makishima got caught having an affair with his Radio Show writer for 10 years and hid his marraige.....

DoodlebugFour Sep 25, 2022

So Rurouni Kenshin is getting an anime reboot. And it's animated by Lidenfilms with the guy who adapted the designs for Jojo Diamond is Unbreakable. And they are going with a new voice cast with Soma Saito (Tatsumi from Akame Ga Kill) as Kenshin and Rie Takahashi (Megumin from Konosuba) as Kaoru. Seems alot of people aren't interested because of what the manga author did.

DoodlebugFour Sep 23, 2022

So after Project ARMS, the watchparty did Aim for the Ace/Ace wo Nerae, which was a 70's anime about a girl trying to become a Pro Tennis Player, while sports anime aren't really my thing, the show did have it's merits and holds up. We are now currently watching Speed Grapher and are currently 8 episodes in. The others were taken by surprise by how graphic the show can be for a 2005 series from it's depiction of child abuse to all the sexual stuff that happens in the Roppongi Club. We even had to take a break when one of the viewers got freaked out by one of the villain of the weeks who was a Sadist Dentist that grows drills off his back.

Outside of Anime. I am very exicted for upcoming JRPGs such as Kuro no Kiseki 2, Octopath Traveler 2, and Penny Blood. In fact, Falcom is making a tie in anime for Trails of Cold Steel that adapts the Northern War that was mentioned after the events of Cold Steel 2 during CS3.

Sirscaredyclaude Jul 21, 2022

Hello miss! So what do you like most about Kaoru Kamiya?