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Larkawolfgirl May 2, 2015

Just read your review to Another. I wanted to comment right on your blog, but I don't really want my comments connected to Google. I kind of hate how Google and Facebook are trying to connect every freaking website. But anyway...I also found the beginning to Another to be a drag. I also fall into the fallacy of feeling to need to continue watching things or else it feels like a waste. I even go to the trouble of skipping episodes by only reading the summaries just so that I can say that I finished. I was intrigued by Another, because for one I saw it all over Tumblr, and second I had seen cool scenes in amvs. I was particularly intrigued by the scene where the main guy's face peels, however this turned out to only be a dream. Lame. I did like the mystery aspect, but frankly I was disappointed by the lake of real supernaturalness. It was an okay show, but I had expected more.

Larkawolfgirl Apr 27, 2015

That's cool. Is your blog all that you write, or do you freelance through somewhere else? I would be interested in doing freelance writing if I knew how to do it for anything besides products reviews and such. I was using a site called Bubblews which pays you based on likes to your posts, but it pays so little that it is basically a waste of time. I also started an anime-related blog like you have with the plan to incorporate Google ads, but they had so many legal restrictions for what content was not allowed that I just gave up on the idea.

At least going to the same college that he works at makes transportation convienent :). Good luck it starting your studies. What are you planning to major in and do with your degree?

Larkawolfgirl Apr 26, 2015

Phew, I've been busy studying for finals and have fallen behind replying to comments (∩´・ω・`)⊃. I checked out your blog and will be reading your reviews of Another, Jojo, and Tokyo Ghoul hopfully in the next few days. I'll let you know what I thought of them then.

Larkawolfgirl Apr 21, 2015

Woot! I'm glad. This and Tumblr are tied for my favorite websites. That sounds interesting. What do you usually write about on your blog? Reviews or what?

Larkawolfgirl Apr 21, 2015

Welcome to Anime-Planet ^.^! If you have any questions just ask.