Saving the Villain from the Heroine

Alt titles: Saving the Villain Who was Abandoned by the Female Lead, Yeojuege Beoryeojin Akdangeul Guhaneun Bangbeop

Ch: 53+
2020 - ?
3.818 out of 5 from 755 votes
Rank #14,848
Saving the Villain from the Heroine

Sielle is an ordinary handmaid working for the Grand Duke Ferzei Yekarte. The thing is… she knows he's a villain of a story she read in her previous life on Earth. With her prescience, she managed to foil an assassination attempt on her master, only to be framed for the crime! Worse yet, when she drank the poisoned wine to prove her innocence, she turns into a little girl... And now the Grand Duke wants to ship her off to a notorious family of assassins? Will she manage to survive through all this, even if she knows how it will all end?

Source: Pocket Comics

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Saving the Villain from the Heroine suffers from a lack of characters, and the author's unwillingness to explore any interesting ideas. The story is about Sielle, a woman who died and was reincarnated into a book she once read. She becomes the villain's and using her knowledge of the book saves his life. In doing so she becomes a little girl and is shipped of to a family of (supposed) assassins. Thats the most interesting way i could write a summary of the story. Its incredibly bland, boring, and straight up doesn't make sense. There is no exploration of her previous life, only a one off statement that it was harsh and she might have been abused. Her new life in the slums before she becomes a maid is completely skipped over and ignored (how do you skip over the story of how an orphan child survives extreme poverty?). Her explanation on how she became a maid is so laughable that I wonder if the author simply had no idea how to write it in the draft and it was made up by the editor before printing. Any in-depth world building or just general discussion about the kingdom, the grand duke, the assassin family is either skipped or bare bones. Hell, the fact that the head of the assassin family is IMMORTAL is literally written off as unimportant. In essence the story struggles from being extremely shallow. Plenty of potential for development, but nothing is ever explored and everything feels extremely hamfisted. There really is no point in this being an Isekai except so the author could slap the tag on the series. As for the art, its average at best and just kinda bland at worst. Nothing impressed me or even made me want to look at it for more than a few seconds. Characters are boring and 1 dimensional much like the plot. The MC literally has no goals or ambitions, the other members of the main cast show little to no emotion ever. You can see that the author was trying to give them a personality from some of the writing, but it never really shines through, especially since they have blank faces 90% of the time. Overall, a bland, boring story that has potential but its seeming hatred of any sort of depth or discussion in characters, world, plot leave it lacking.

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