My Three Tyrant Brothers

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2021 - ?
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My Three Tyrant Brothers

All members of the Ascania imperial family are cursed to die at the hands of a loved one, a curse only broken by the birth of a girl into the bloodline. So when a young slave girl with the telltale, color-changing Ascania eyes is discovered, she’s declared Princess Chloe, the little sister of the three princes. She’s excited to finally have a family, but her new brothers seem a bit strange… They’ve always had to be cold and unfeeling for their own protection, but will Chloe’s arrival plant the seed of change in their hearts?

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How to write the worst Manhwa in an already overbloated genre.I thought I had seen it all when it came ot the "Young abused/neglected girl gets a new family who loves them" genre. There are hundreds of Manhwas in this genre, from mediocre ones to some of the best stories you'll ever read, but 'My Three Tyrant Brothers' has to be the worst thing i've ever read. I didn't think it was possible to stuff up this sort of genre so spectacularly, but here we are.This'll be a long review, so for a TL:DR - Massive plotholes, garbage main characters, awful setup, worst execution of the genre i've ever seen, low quality art and characters who make zero sense make this the worst Manhwa i've read.Story: My Three Tyrant Brothers follows Wednesday, a slave girl living of the borders of an empire in the house of a slave trading baron. One day the crown prince arrives and tells her she is the princess, the person whose mere existence is supposed to break the curse on the Imperial family. The curse is that the members of the imperial family are fated to be killed by their loved ones.A setup with a lot of potential that any halfdecent author could use, however My Three Tyrant Brothers bombs this in every way. To start with, for a supposedly abused slave girl, Wednesday is......fine? Other than wearing dirty clothes and being made to do menial chores, we literally see no real 'abuse' or effects of said abuse. The worst we ever see happen is some physical abuse, but even that is implied because they literally just cut away from it everytime and just say she was injured or show a red mark on her. She also seems to be very normal and somewhat....happy? We see that she just thinks about doing chores, hanging out with her slave friend, and generally acting like a child servant. Still quite bad, but when your entire setup is about how horrible her conditions are, and she seems to act like she's perfectly fine, even quite mature for her age, it doesn't work.When the prince rocks up to save her and bring her to the palace, it goes even further downhill. He literally just waltzes into the study she and the baron are in. No explanation of how he knew she was here on the border of the empire, no way he would know where the office is, just the most convenient timing ever. Being a supposedly evil prince (more on that later), he ends up having an incredibly normal conversation with Wednesday about her being the princess. I mean, WTF? She's supposed to be a pitiful slave who has been abused her whole life, yet she meets an apparently infamous murderous prince and she talks to him like they're both adults and aquantainces. Her entire personality is so bland and messed up it ruins any pitiful setup the Manhwa has. She isn't really shy, talks normally, seems to be just ok, and is completely unafraid despite the sheer amount of abuse she is supposed to have suffered. Hell, even her other slave friend (clearly a romantic interest) is fine with yelling at the prince and talking to him normally. Way to break any sort of sympathy for her, destroy any rehabilitation character arc that these Manhwa all are supposed to have, and destroy the "evil prince image".Oh and did I mention this was an isekai? Yeah turns out she has dreams about her previous life in another world, but thats literally as far as the author takes it. Its just a half-assed way of slapping the isekai tag on the series to bait people in who like that genre. Just like this paragraph, its tacked on part way in, with little to no importance, and is an awkward break in the story.The rest of the story is pretty simple. She goes to the palace, gets doted on by her evil brothers, blah blah blah. Its all so generic and badly done that I could recommend dozens of other Manhwa in the genre 1000x better than this. No seriously, message me and I will give you recommendations, just to stop you reading this garbage.Another important thing to note is that the curse, the main plot driver of the story, is so badly thought out its like a 10-year old wrote this. The imperial family basically try to avoid each other, and only have children with people they don't love to avoid getting murdered due to the curse. A curse that is supposed to be resolved when a girl is born in the family. As I said before, it literally stresses that her MERE EXISTENCE will fix the curse. Now heres the problem anyone with half a brain will realise. Wednesday is somewhere between 9-12 years old, and was born to a concubine who loved the emperor. So, logically, why the fuck wasn't the 'curse' solved when she was born. Its not like they didn't know she existed. This emperor, despite knowing of the curse, loved the concubine and they had Wednesday. The concubine gets murdered in political struggles and Wednesday just disappears and ends up as a slave.How the flying fuck does that even make sense? Her existence both solves the curse and doesn't, the curse supposedly means that all members of the Imperial family are killed by their loved ones, yet this emperor isn't (before Wednesday is born), and as far as we know no other member is killed like this, they all know how important Wednesday is due to the curse but she just magically disappears because the plot needs it to, and she is magically found years later by the crown prince. It isn't even established whether the rest of the brothers even knew about her existence or were even looking for her for 9 years. Just one day he finds her. Wtf was the emperor doing with his daughter missing? Why didn't they search for her from the start? Its just so unbelieveably bad its straight up unreadable.Oh and a side note. When taken back to the palace, the princess spends days in her slave rags, uncleaned despite all the other luxeries piled onto her. I've never seen the comment sections of any translator site be so united in sheer disbelief at how dumb the characters are. HOW DO YOU CLAIM TO LOVE THIS GIRL AND WANT TO PROTECT HER WHEN YOU LEAVE HER IN DIRTY RAGS FOR DAYS? ISNT THAT THE FIRST THING YOU FIX?Art: I don't think i've ever seen art in a Manhwa as bad as this. Every one of the hundreds of Manhwa I have read, regardless of overall quality, have at least had 'decent' art. My Three Tyrant Brothers however, has some of the most bland, undetailed and boring art in existence. In a genre filled with crazily intricate clothing such as in 'Who made me a princess?', or the amazing backgrounds and faces drawn in 'the villainess is destined to die' we get the utter garbage seen in this Manhwa. You know how sometimes illustrators will switch to a low quality, cutesy style for comedic effect? Well in this Manhwa, its just permanantly on that low quality, and not even cute. Backgrounds are all 3d assets ripped straight from other Manhwa (literally, some of the rooms are EXACTLY the same as seen in other works), characters are bland and have little to no detail.Hell, the author even recognised this and threw in an awful gimmick of 'the Imperial family's eye change colour depending on their emotions' because of the bad art. It genuinely just blatantly goes "Oh, prince is mad because eyes are black/grey" because you sure as hell can't tell from facial expressions. A minor character point that defines the imperial family is literally being introduced to make up for an awful illustrator. Characters: Animal crossing NPCs have more depth than these guys. I've already touched on how Wednesday is a blank slate that has no trauma, issues or problems despite supposedly being an abused slave. The 3 princes are all supposed to be super evil and have everyone terrified of them, but other than when they kill the slave trader (which is pretty deserved) they do nothing to earn their reputation. At worst, they are very forceful in their words and a bit unkind to their subordinates. They also all immediately fall for her despite the fact she does nothing to get their affection. The emperor is also laughable. Despite the fact that he is her father, and supposedly super kindhearted, his entire character and appearances are weird. He sends her a letter when she first arrived at the palace and introduces himself. In this scene, he also gives her a true name "Chloe"...........except that in reality, he sends a random sprout (as in the start of a plant sprouting) he picked up from somewhere on the ground, and names her after it, because apparently the ancient name for sprouts is "Chloe". Jesus christ.I just can't anymore. WHY WOULD YOU WRITE A SCENE WHERE YOUR MC GETS A NEW NAME, WHICH IS SUPPOSED TO BE SUPER SIGNIFICANT, AND HAVE HER FATHER NAME HER AFTER A RANDOM SPROUT FROM THE GROUND. Its not even in person, just by letter. This has got to be the most convuluted ways of justifying your characters name in history. Hell, she was born almost a decade ago, and the emperor knew. WHY THE FUCK WASN'T SHE GIVEN A NAME THEN? DID YOU NOT PLAN TO ACCEPT YOUR OWN CHILD WHEN SHE WAS BORN? This could have been so easily fixed by just having the emperor, in person when they finally meet, tell her her true name is Chloe, which her mother picked out for her. Boom, perfect character development, and lovey dovey story to set up her relationship with her father. Instead we got this garbage.Summary: I have to end the review here. I genuinely need to reread some good Manhwa just to recooperate from how bad this one is.  The only reason you should read My Three Tyrant Brothers, is to know what EXACTLY NOT TO DO if you're writing your own story in this genre.1/10.


Why do these webtoons have such ah, in-ter-res-ting names? The father and brothers all love Chloe right from the start and aren't cold tyrants to her, despite what the title might say. So, no cold-tyrants-gradually-warming-up or acting cutesy to survive or I-am-not-loved misunderstandings with tsundere family members dramas. Chloe is adored right from the start and it's so sweet to see that. They've been searching for her for so long. At chapter 10, the first brother to appear is so sweet to FL (Wednesday/Chloe). Chloe's backstory is told well and doesn't seem to be woe-is-me. I could actually sympathise with her through what the story portrayed. Chloe has realistic reactions and feelings as a child who's suffered. She's still very strong even though she endured so much. The story won't seem to go in the incest direction (stepbro! jk) but will probably have overprotective brothers. The ML seems to be Sunday, Chloe's friend who has suffered alongside her in the same slave trade. They've supported each other throughout the harsh years, and I think their friendship is very cute. The art is nice, though the lines are shaky at times. It's not the best, but I don't think the art will affect your reading experience much. In fact, the changing eye colours are quite nice. Overall, I recommend this if you want a nice family historical webtoon with some romance later on. EDIT in June 2021: Yooo so after seeing many scathing reviews - three, to be exact - I thought I'd add some stuff to give some more perspective on whether you should read the manhwa or nah. I don't disgree with what the other reviews have stated. I think I just place less importance on some  elements and more importance on other elements of this kind of story. Yeah, I agree that the story's typical, nothing new here. And the art could use some more work as it looks flat, even bland, sometimes. But if you just want a cutesy story with a nice sibling bond and appropriate male lead, then the story is a suitable one. At the time of writing the main review, I was in the mood for turning off my brain and relaxing. This shoujo does what it's good for - relaxing, cute, and doesn't induce great, if any, anxiety or too much drama that irritates me. To me, it's not the relaxing-BLAND type either - it still has some nice plot and a sprinkle of challenges here and there. Though I agree if you want some more well-written plot, this wouldn't be your first choice.

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