The Siren: Becoming the Villain's Family

Alt title: Seiren: Akdanggwa Gyeyang Gajogi Doeeotda

Ch: 106+
2021 - ?
4.222 out of 5 from 1,886 votes
Rank #749
The Siren: Becoming the Villain's Family

“If there is a next life, I will save you.” Aria is the last remaining siren, a monster who bewitches humans with song. Shackled, she is forced to sing to nobles until she coughs blood. By the time the demonized Grand Duke Lloyd Valentine frees her, it’s too late. She has already breathed her last… or so she thinks. When she awakens in the past, Aria dedicates her life to protecting the duke, but she wonders if that’s really all her life is worth. Will she ever be free? Or is this siren destined to sing the same song forever?

Source: Tapas

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I rate this really high as it is honestly one of my favourites of the year.  To start, I think that it's nice that this story doesn't glorify the monarchy like every other manhwa and shows how it can be corrupt as well as religion (as seen with the blond hair antagonist). The story plot is really interesting, the concepts of 'sirens' in itself is just really unique. Honestly, I didnt think I would read a manhwa involving singing ever again because I havent recovered from the absolute mess of lady baby, but this was really well put together, everything from the types and meanings of the songs to the lyrics itself, very well written! I like our main character, although she doesnt strive for absolute revenge, she still wants to protect herself and her people and shes very courageous, and ambitious. Also I would like to add that this manhwa may seem deathly from the start but honestly it is really cute. Its like the opposite of luring you into a false sense of security xD  Moving on to the art side of the review, I rated the art a 10 because I've never seen a manhwa so gorgeous. Tell me why the PREVIEW art looks worse than the officially manhwa art??? Honestly, the officially manhwa art is so stunning and captivating. Every frame looks like it should be hung up in a gallery, the artist must have spent so long on this and I love them for this.... AND WHATS EVEN BETTER is that the manhwa is LITERALLY, or even better than the novel?! It has no story changes and each chapter correlates to the novel chapter!  Anyways enough of me fangirling but, yeah, this is an amazing manhwa, and a must read if youre into turning back time/ reborn/ strong and intelligent female lead/ historical manhwa!


So, I finally started reading this manhwa and I'm quite far into it so I will give you guys my thoughts of The Siren: Becoming The Villain's Family. Story: The plot is very unique and the author does a really great job on writing such a complex and dark romance fantasy story. The pacing was good, however there were only a few scenes that I found to be boring. But nevertheless, this story was still really interesting and quite funny at times. I had my laughs, cries and thrills while reading Aria's creepy and cute origin. Art: I can't even think of any negative words to describe the artwork of this manhwa. It's seriously perfection and pure gold once you look at the images of the story. Poya never fails to make the artworks as beautiful as possible because it actually is amazing! Like HOW CAN YOU DRAW SUCH GORGEOUS ART, HOW?!! Characters: The characters are solid. I found Aria's personality to be both cute and creepy because she actually is. Sometimes, she can be creepy while she is a "Siren" but other times, she beams a smile on her face which is just so adorable! I also loved the ML's personality. The panther that follows him around is actually soo amazing because he really does act like a panther sometimes and it's just- aww! One thing I disliked about the characters section is that it takes a long time for them to be fully introduced. Other than that, I don't really see anything that needs to be sought about this section so  we'll get to the overall section now. Overall: This is definitely one of my favourite manhwas, even if it's a bit slow paced. I really found the characters, the art style and the plot to be unforgettable and I'd personally recommend this manhwa if you like a good story with beautiful art and unforgettable characters. This story is also quite dark too so I'd also recommend that if you like a creepy read. Overall, I had a really fun time reading about Aria and her quest to sing the songs she needs to sing in order to heal a special person and I will definitely recommend this manhwa for many years to come! Bonus: So I was reading this on Tapas and I will say this now in case I forget but I really liked how Tapas combined both "The Siren" and "Becoming The Villain's Family" to make one title. The story just makes more sense when it's like that, whereas if you're reading two separate titles, you'll just think that you're focusing on one thing instead of the other. Also both titles tell very different stories and since this is just one story, it would be jarring to make these titles separate and just use one title. So I'm very happy that Tapas decided to make that decision of combining the two titles to make it just one title. Now people will not get confused with which manhwa they are reading, yay! Reviewed at Chapter 21 (Status: Currently Reading) Update: I just finished reading Chapter 28. To be honest, I'm getting a bit bored of the story so I'll be docking down a couple of points. Sorry! I'll still continue reading this though just for the beautiful artwork but if it gets boring, I'll drop it. Update 2: Just finished Chapter 34 and I feel like this manhwa has officially redeemed itself again so I will be adding back points to all of the categories!

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