Vol: 7; Ch: 28
2001 - 2004
3.924 out of 5 from 465 votes
Rank #4,475

Yaya is a shy girl who is regularly bullied; even her so-called friends find her torment a source of entertainment. Things change when a girl named Nana appears and hands out some ‘Heavenly Punishment' in retribution for the wrongdoings against Yaya, but there's a catch: Nana and Yaya are actually the same person, but Yaya has no knowledge of Nana's existence! With her alter ego on a quest for justice and a hefty memory loss problem due to Nana's episodes, Yaya's life is suddenly far more complicated. However, Yaya's life isn't all bad. She has a crush on a boy named Moriyama, a person who shares her passion with music and is the only person to treat her kindly. Can Yaya sort out her feelings for Moriyama and overcome her timidity? If so, she may have a shot at growing past her alter ego and obtaining both her love and her dream.

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hisarah Jun 24, 2011
Score 9/10

This manga is kinda weird as the story/plot is concern but i like weird and i was personally getting tired of the same old story just with different characters so this was a new taste for me. First of you have a girl who has a split personality at first she tells us she like to closplay(which i think is awesome) that was her secret hobby. Then we find out  the other her(please follow)is strong seeks... read more


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