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For Niwa Daisuke, turning 14 should be accompanied by romance and the promise of new adventures into adulthood, but instead comes with a surprising revelation: all male children of the Niwa's bloodline inherit the powers (alter ego) of Dark, a phantom thief, upon their 14th birthday! Now, in addition to his ever-present quest to win the heart of his childhood friend Risa, Daisuke must commit acts of thievery (with his doppelganger Dark controlling his body), to steal mysterious pieces of art for unknown purposes. For Daisuke, his growing pains are just beginning!

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sothis Mar 19, 2005
Score 6/10

As a big warning ahead of time, this will be a very, very difficult series to assess. Though I had high hopes for DNAngel, there were so many things about this series that tarnish it, that I can't expect giving a high score in most categories. That being said, the story:

Niwa Daisuke is a "nice guy". You know the type: super quiet and shy, a pushover for anything that has a... read more

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Utomneian Feb 5, 2013
Score 7/10

i honestly have mixed feelings about this, the first 12 episodes i hated it because all the characters seemed two dimensional, i didn't see a point in watching a boy pine over a shallow girl, and a dark angel who stole art, seemed boring, but my friend implored that i watched the whole thing...  but then, what's this?  character and plot development?  about halfway through the series, just as i... read more

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