Vol: 20; Ch: 99
1997 - 2020
3.769 out of 5 from 1,595 votes
Rank #14,376

Daisuke Niwa is an ordinary teenager who has a crush on his fellow classmate Risa Harada. But when Risa turns him down after he declares his love for her, Daisuke discovers the secret of the Niwa family: on their fourteenth birthday, Niwa males transform into the legendary Phantom Thief, Dark! Dark is set on stealing art and making mischief, but things become complicated when he falls for Risa's twin, Riku. As if that isn't bad enough, one of Daisuke's classmates, Satoshi Hiwatari, seems determined to capture Dark! Can Daisuke win Risa's heart, while hiding the secret of Dark and evading the police?

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