Love's Reach

Alt title: Kinkyori Renai

Vol: 10; Ch: 45
2007 - 2011
3.894 out of 5 from 125 votes
Rank #4,781
Love's Reach

Haruka Sakurai is the substitute English teacher who takes over after Yuni Kurugi's homeroom teacher goes on maternity leave, and genius-girl Yuni loves the way he looks—but she hates his flashy attitude. Thanks to that, her English grades have plummeted (everything else she has a perfect score on)! Now she has to take extra lessons with him after school, where she discovers Sakurai's gentler side … ?!

Source: Kodansha

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beatricem's avatar
beatricem Apr 19, 2019
Score 8/10

I really really like this manga it's just that- I can't find any sources to read chapter 28-39 and I REALLY REALLY want to continue reading. Can someone drop a link on where they've read it? Will be much appreciated. Thank you!  read more

xxenergizerbunnyxx's avatar
xxenergizerbunnyxx Mar 6, 2012
Score 7/10

This story is certainly endearing to all who enjoy a simple romance story line.  Although the story line of a "student-teacher" relationship is extremely overused, it is always nice to see new takes on the old ideas. In this particular story, the heroin, Uni Kururugi, is a stony faced bishoujo who is willing to look foolish if it means achieving a goal.  Another stereotypical personality... read more



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