Real Girl

Alt title: 3D Kanojo

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Hikari Tsutsui is a high school boy who is satisfied with the virtual girls he encounters in anime and games. He does not have many friends and he lives in his own world. One day, when he is stuck on pool cleaning duty, he is approached by Iroha, a "real girl" who is showy and popular with boys.

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Revenge of the Normies *spoiler-free* 3D Kanojo, aka "Real Girl" is the most unrealistic show with the word "real" in the title since dances with the dragons had so little actual dragons in it. This is the season of false advertizing. And it's not as bad here, but its mediocrity makes it even worse. Let me tell you why to avoid Real Girl if you want a realistic or cute romance. First of all, it's lazy. The anime uses every tope in the book, doing nothing new with each of them, and not using them correctly. It just kinda throws them in there as if from a picture book or directional how to do a romance for dummies guide. That wouldn't be too bad only it uses the one "spin" it has terribly That would be the otaku angle, abused like a dead horse throughout the years and used terribly in this anime. Let's get one thing straight first. This guy? He's supposed to be the bad, gross, awkward, ugly, nerdy otaku who we can relate to because they're suspended from natural society. He's just a bishounen with glasses. The fuck is this shit. And he's a dense idiot who, we assume because he's otaku, has never talked to a woman in his life. Yeah right. He can't figure out the simplest shit about this relationship he's in or how to interact with humans. It's like he was raised in an impounded orphanage in isolation. It's pathetic. Then there's the titular real girl he meets who's sort of a terrible person. And that's the point of her. Like any good real life girlfriend she gets mad when her boyfriend is nice, doesn't have much respect for anyone, and has as much personality as a spork. His other friends aren't much better, even itou, the otaku cat ear guy is pretty flat and so's his designated love interest, the glasses girl ayado who's "so nice" but really she's denser and more asholish than most of the characters. And the other two are also terrible people, who never get redeemed, just forgiven for whatever reason. One even accuses the MC of pedophilia at one point and gets nothing he deserves for it. All of the situations these cast are put into are resolved so unrealistically its embarassing. The show starts out inoffensive but leans toward the offensive side once you realize how awful all these people are and how none of this stuff that's supposed to be realistic actually is. It's not your fault when people fall for you. When you become friends with an assole it doesn't make them a good person. Relationships arent just this random assortment of inconvenient and convenient events that determine if it survives. I'm listing these things that I know to be true in real life here because this anime teaches the opposite. It's just unreal. The animation in this show is nothing exciting and nothing noticably horrible, but if you look closely, you'll realize it has no budget. Take this scene for example. Notice how the way this character's walk cycle is presented, is a little off in some frames. The sound is fine though, and has the quality of a more... well quality show. Nothing much to complain about besides the generic opening in that area. There's also some "comedy" to be derived from how this anime uses typical romcom tropes in a way so mundane I refuse to laugh at it. Had to mention, there is technically comedy. There arent many things in Real Girl worth getting invested in, and no real reason to watch it. If you want a cute romance, a realistic romance, good characters, good anime about otaku, there are plenty of other places to look. As an alternative to this anime, I reccomend Wotaku: Love is Hard for Otaku. An anime with a positive aspect to all those things, that also aired this spring 2018 season. Reviewed for Anime Lottery Game


First of all, I have to say how pleasantly I was surprised how much I liked this show. Reading synopsis I expected a dumb power fantasy for shut-ins that like anime/games, created by some corporation to sell a product to anime otaku. Surprisingly though Real Girl feels like it has some heart put in it. Yes, its blatant whats its target audience is with a nerdy male protagonist being chased after by a beautiful girl because he's so special (ugh) but... the show pulls it off. First - the story.  As in all slice of life anime, the story moves along quite slowly. We get to see the beginning or a relationship between an awkward guy and a girl that is rumored to be ... well ... not that hard to pick up. By anybody. Ever. This gives the beginning episodes a little tension because you genuinely have to guess whether the girl isn't just playing the protagonist. Those two are actually the most important part of the show because, to tell the truth, all other characters are either bland or one-sided or just plain boring. So the main question is: does the story pull off the romance between the protagonists? Yes - to my surprise - it does. The story shows us slowly how they get to know each other and overcome their initial problems with intimacy (and I don't know if the girl doesn't have more of them than the supposed shut-in otaku guy). We don't see much action - it's this kind of genre - but the stories we see are interesting and the main two characters make the viewer want to watch the next episode. Also: the relationship between the protagonists feels natural for high schoolers. As in: they have completely no idea what they're doing and why and it's not played for cheap laughs (as I thought it would be). Second: the animation. The animation is ok but nothing more, unfortunately. Third: the sound. Like with the animation I can't really say much about the sound of the anime. Its ok, but nothing great. Fourth: the characters. The characters are what makes or breaks a slice of life anime in my opinion. And this is where Real Girl makes up for all of its mistakes. Don't get me wrong, apart from Tada-kun wa Koi Koi wo Shinai, this anime has one of the most boring and one-dimensional supporting characters I've ever seen. They actually feel like they've been copied and pasted from other anime. We've got:  -the best friend who's always on the protagonist side (who has cat ears for some unexplainable reason); -a tsundere girl that gives the protagonist relationship advice; -a dorky but good-natured otaku girl that's just like the protagonist and makes his girlfriend jealous; I mean ... bleh. Fortunately, two main protagonists make up for all of this. I can't stress this enough - I was shocked by how natural both of those characters and their relationship feel. Hikari actually acts like a person who has serious (not comedic) problems with any and all social interactions. He also acts like a guy (and a kid) with those problems would have if he were to date a beautiful girl all of the sudden. Iroha acts like a school hm... easy girl (or at least one that is thought of in this way) would have. She has a pretty well-defined personality and is in no way a perfect girl who has (for no reason) fallen for a geek and/or an imperfect girl that is changed by the geeks good nature (which I was dreading when I started the anime). Verdict: If you've got some time on your hands check Real Girl out. It won't knock your socks off or anything but its a pretty good show nonetheless. 


Warning this Review May Contain Spoilers - From the studio who blessed us with titles such as Rescue Me!, comes one of the blandest romance anime out there. Featuring a generic storyline, cardboard cutout characters and the worse consistency with animation I've seen for a while (which has been a while due to the lack of me watching things lately). So it's been a while since I last wrote a review, so I'm a little rusty but here we go. STORYTo start, the plot has a major flaw, it's boring. It follows a generic style and just drags out each scenario which causes it to be easy predicted. There's nothing that stood out as impressive and the interactions between most the characters are so boring and forced, they just feel out of place and don't add to the story. ANIMATIONTerrible, truly terrible. I can sympathise a bit because of what appears to be a lack of budget for the project however tacky drawings that don't actually keep to the character design and stiff movement are things that can be easily improved on. The bad animation doesn't give the show anything, unlike some shows with bad animation it doesn't add to the comedy or visually appealing compared to a show like Konosuba - bad animation but linked well into the storyline. SOUNDAverage, voice acting was decent but nothing impressive and the opening/ending themes are generic and easily forgettable. Not much to say about this section, to be honest. CHARACTERSIt looks like the story is to cater to the nerdy people watching it by having an anime nerd fall in love, a trope that has been done so many times. This show uses this trope in a plain way to the point that it doesn't add too much to the story, it does, however, give a reason for some of the stiff interactions between the characters. Just watch Wotakoi if you want a decent otaku relationship story. Individually the characters are stereotypical and bland, not much to say about them. In conclusion, this anime sucked.Yui x

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