A Devil and Her Love Song

Alt title: Akuma to Love Song

Vol: 13; Ch: 91
2007 - 2011
4.026 out of 5 from 1,260 votes
Rank #4,050
A Devil and Her Love Song

Maria Kawai is always very blunt when she speaks, so on the day she transfers to Touzuka High School from St. Katria, a prestigious girls' school, she plainly states she was expelled due to violence and is almost immediately isolated from the rest of her class. However, two students, Yuusuke and Shin, take an interest in her; Yuusuke tries to help Maria change her way of speaking so she can make friends easier, while Shin tries to help her subtly in his own way. With Yuusuke and Shin's help, will the other students ever be able to accept Maria or will her straightforward personality continue to push others away?

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<div> <div> Sometimes, you just have a miserable day and want to escape from it all. In the figurative sense, of course. I was at college one day and had a horrible stomach bug, and I'd arranged my mother to pick me up and take me to the doctor's. It would be an hour before she arrived, though, so I just holed myself up in a secluded corner of the library and read some manga. I wanted some fluff, so I chose Devil and her Love Song, a manga about Maria, a girl who gets kicked out of her private Catholic girls' school, and has to adjust to life in a normal high school. However, Maria says exactly what is on her mind rather than taking social politeness into account. It angers and upsets other people, but she just doesn't care. Add into the mix two boys vying for her attention, and some high school melodrama, and you've got a rather interesting shojo series. I like how Maria will just say whatever's on her mind, and scowls all the time. It's a nice alternative to all the smiling shojo heroines who are incredibly nice and will never, ever try to offend anybody. However, it does have its flaws. The two guys I mentioned before are pretty stock stereotypes in this genre of manga. The guy who is genuinely nice, and the guy who is a little bit abrasive but has a heart of gold, really. The high school antics kind of wear off within the first twenty chapters, and I didn't really get much out of Anna's character. And needless to say, I have not kept up with the latest chapters. That being said, I'm glad I read this series, at least. :) </div> </div>

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