Suki Desu Suzuki-kun!!

OVA (2 eps x 15 min)
2009 - 2010
2.283 out of 5 from 390 votes
Rank #7,914

Short, athletic Hikaru Suzuki has just started his first year at junior high school, and things couldn’t be more eventful. He’s reunited with his sisterly childhood friend Chihiro Itou and had a glance at the wealthy, egotistical other Suzuki named Shinobu. However, most importantly, Hikaru’s first day of school yields another life-changing encounter: his first meeting with the shy would-be actress Sayaka Hoshino…

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WillOfTheAbyss Oct 4, 2012
Score 8/10

Well let me just say this. I'm a huge fans of Ikeyamada Go's manga and I was really excited when I heard that "Suki desu Suzuki-kun" was made in to an OVA, but I was disapointed with the animation and sound. I believe that this could have been an amazing anime if the animation and soundtrack were better, but on the other hand I have always wanted to see a work of Go Sensei animated, so I can't help... read more

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