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ProDis Jun 20, 2019

Best girl

ZaWalludo Jun 20, 2019

Her beauty is unrivalled, one of my favourite character design ever.

Triforceninja13 Jun 12, 2019

Does anyone besides me find this girl being Naofumi's SLAVE even the least bit problematic?

TheIllIntent Jun 7, 2019

Best character. Naofumi would have succumbed to darkness and become one of the worst people in the world had it not been for her goodness and positive influence that allowed him to keep a clear heart on what's right and wrong in how to treat people. She and Naofumi really do make a wonderful pair.

DemonWizardBlack Jun 4, 2019

For the the 18 Haters of this wonderful character, they can go to hell. She is the light for Naofumi, who were there the most when he needed help. I will alwyas love her for kindness and ecnouraging for our Real hero.