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TheIllIntent Jun 7, 2019

Best character. Naofumi would have succumbed to darkness and become one of the worst people in the world had it not been for her goodness and positive influence that allowed him to keep a clear heart on what's right and wrong in how to treat people. She and Naofumi really do make a wonderful pair.

randomguy87 Jun 3, 2019

The fanboys can be annoying but it still doesn't really justify the general bashing of the series and the fan base however, not to mention the haters can also be as bad as it had been seen for other popular characters.

AndurMyoru Jun 3, 2019

Well, ninja guy isn't wrong tho.. This chick is your typical waifu bait like Rem-Emilia and Zero Two. And it doesn't help that it has the same annoying fanboys, ugh...

randomguy87 May 9, 2019

Then how about you stop watching it then? What's the point of continuing if you don't like the show to begin with? As I said if you think Raphtalia is a "glorified pillow decoration" then you haven't watched that far into the series but in the end if you want to stop, then feel free, no one's forcing you. Also insulting the anime community doesn't help your case either bud.

Triforceninja13 May 6, 2019

I'm just sick of seeing this body pillow decoration poping up everywhere. QUIT THIS SHITSHOW AND WATCH A GOOD ANIME!