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randomguy87 Mar 22, 2019

That was the reason why Itsuki, Ren, and Motoyasu assumed they were in a video game, screwing up in the process while Naofumi was the only one taking the situation seriously and had to clean up the mess they have made (though Naofumi does seems like he was going to have a similar mindset as the three until he got hit with a phony rape accusation).

Triforceninja13 Mar 21, 2019

First of all: I’ve never seen Shield Hero

Second of all: Leveled Up? Last I checked this isn’t some kind of video game.

randomguy87 Mar 21, 2019

She leveled up, it's explained in the series.

Triforceninja13 Mar 20, 2019

Then why does she look like a teenager. does her race age faster than humans or something?

CrystalStar07 Mar 19, 2019

How can someone not like her.  She's an angel.