The Super Milk-chan Show

Alt title: OH! Super Milk-chan

TV (12 eps)
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She's rude, crude, and is barely out of diapers: she's Super Milk-chan! Along with Hakage the quiet and philosophical slug and a well-meaning space case of a robot named Tetsuko, Milk-chan spends her days trying to figure out how to earn money, fending off her landlord, or entertaining calls from the President himself. Whether it's tracking down counterfeiters, playing doctor to undersea creatures or learning about a smart bomb that will destroy everyone in sight, Milk-chan and her friends always have a fun and selfish new adventure in front of them!

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I was very unsure about this version of Super Milk-Chan. I had enjoyed the original series more than I expected to but could this show really transition to a full 25 minute episode format and have its charm remain in tact? The shorter running time had been a crucial piece of what made the original series appealing to me because it meant the show never outstayed its welcome. Well the answer for whether this series feels like overtime everytime in a longer format is mostly a yes but also a no. Definitive huh? No? Well lets get into it. Oh! Super Milk-Chan is the same format as the previous series, we have 5 year old Superhero 'Milk-Chan' with no superpowers to speak of, her robotic flatulent maid 'Tetsuko', her slightly less pointless this time round pet slug 'Hanage' and the never will not bring a grin to my face the man who I'm told is most definitely The 'President'. Much like before the setup of each episode is the same with some gags from Milk-Chan and Tetsuko in the early going followed by eventually a call from the President with a mission that rarely amounts to anything but so long as the objective is completed it still calls for Sushi or something to celebrate. It's fair to say the formula was pretty much copy and pasted over, just everything takes longer to occur and more jokes and oddities are added. So while the general structure hasn't changed some extra elements have been thrown in to help fill the running time, primary of which is the Landlord gag as he tries to obtain rent from Milk-Chan which now occurs every episode just with a different joke each time to make sure the rent doesn't get paid for another week. There is also the ongoing family drama of the Ants in the garden which leads to a few good laughs as the father ant suspects his 'wife' is having an affair and his paranoia continues to get the best of him and only drive a bigger hole between him and his family. Finally a trip to Dr.Eyepatch's lab for some item to aid them in their given mission is in each episode and this is normally worth it for the reoccurring mutterings of Tetsuko who dreams of meeting her founder and remains desperately ignorant of the truth, "I Hope He's Not My Daddy". Despite the additions the transition to a longer episode format is not without its issues. The major of which is each episode makes 25 minutes feel so much longer than it is as the show hasn't changed the format really, instead everything is just paced much slower, each scene lasts longer and the show seldom makes it worthwhile. That is until it does, you see the scenes involving the 'President' are still an absolute joy and continued for me to be absolutely hilarious. The simple fact they ran longer just made them all the more enjoyable. The President is possibly one of the funniest characters in all of Anime and as such having more of him is a huge positive. It's also worth mentioning that this show likes to employ what are basically catchphrases or repeated gags that occur each time in the show without fail. If it's not Milk-Chan proclaiming 'You Dumbass' or Tetsuko feeling 'Dreamy' about the possibility of meeting her creator then it's the President insisting he is in fact the President just incase we still are understandbly not convinced. These running jokes lead to a comfortable experience with each episode that can't really be overlooked. I found myself looking forward to hanging around with these characters and that is the hook of the series more than anything else. It may take some time and even too much time for some but these characters are charming and funny even if there is a vibe of pointless to anything that is actually happening, so long as that nothingness involves these characters interacting and being them then that ultimately proved enough for me. The animation has a much more vibrant and cleaner look to it compared to before but is perhaps less daring and interesting as a result. That's not to say it's worse as it functions just fine and there is some funny uses of it throughout but it's much more uniform than the previous series. Episode 1 looks like Episode 12 and for a show like this, especially considering the more experimental art of season 1, that proved to be a little disappointing. As for the soundtrack it's something I don't remember at all beyond the ear worm like opening and ending themes. I did enjoy the episode title jingle though. So much like the last series I think one of the most crucial elements for whether or not you find yourself being suckered into the show is the characters and simply whether you like them or not? Because there is no story and the humor can be hit and miss but I found that much like the first series I was suckered in by these characters and that pulled me through the series more than anything else. Oh! Super Milk-Chan is in summary a bad bordering on mediocre show with great albeit 1 dimensional characters. To say it's a hard sell is an understatement but it's worth a try if only to experience the President. 

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