10th Dimension Boys

Alt title: Sonyeon Deureun Mueoseur Hago Iss-eulkka

Ch: 118
3.819 out of 5 from 129 votes
Rank #11,326
10th Dimension Boys

Short stories of boys in 10th dimensions.

Source: Webtoon

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To determine if 10th Dimension Boys is a web comic of your taste I've got to determine your psychological well being through the following short questionnaire. Do you appreciate sophisticated artwork? A) Yes, I've got a good eye for the small details. B) As long as it is not drawn by sticking a pencil up your butt it is fine by me! Thrilling and smart plots make the story? A) Yes, my brain needs to work! B) Plot? Does it taste good? Do you like fart jokes? A) What? Do you mistake me for a 10 year old? B) ''Shit and piss can be a tool for artistic expression'' - by Cutbu Let's asses the results: If you've chosen answer (A) three times I strongly suggest you walk away from the comic. Walk away and don't look back! When you have chosen answer (B) three times you are in for a treat! May the fart be with you on this great journey! When you have picked a combination of answers you could read the first 5 chapters and decide if this story is for you. The chapters are really short so it is a fast read and trust me, if you are disgusted by the first couple of chapters it won't get better for you. Now that we have gotten the test out of the way I shall continue towards the review. Story Farts, poop, piss, violence, farts, butts and poop! And a few shounen-ai jokes appear later on in the 'story'. And combinations are possible! Each chapter is a story on itself and is usually not much longer as about 10 pictures. Despite that it always ends with a plot twist you didn't expect. At first I didn't found this comic that funny, but somehow it managed to make me keep on reading, probably because of the weird jokes, weird plot twists and the very short chapters. After a while I must admit that this comic put a smile on my face with the absurd humor. I've read through the entire thing in 2-3 hours. Art Shitty. Well that is a lousy pun and a bit harsh, you could better call it simplistic, very simplstic. But it works because let's be honest, do you want to see HD shit? Characters Songjo, damn you crazy bastard! And Ganghan just tell Songjo you love him!The story was intented to have unnamed characters but gradually throughout some characters re-appeared. Overall A crappy comic but quite funny if I'm honest. Those cheesy jokes with the apathetic reactions really got too me, most of the time that is. And for all those who hate my puns:

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