Super Milk-chan

TV (14 eps x 8 min)
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The rude, crude, selfish Super Milk-chan lives an exciting life with Hanage the slug and gas-passing robot Tetsuko. In addition to watching TV and discussing current events, the trio find themselves frequently mixed up in a variety of missions from the President. Tracking down boys going crazy, stopping drug deals at the amusement park and traversing infinite loops in time are just some of the adventures Milk-chan and her buddies will encounter!

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Do you remember being a teenager and staying up too late watching TV? Often times you would discover the strangest things. Well Super Milk-Chan is just one of those type of shows, that was definitely my impression after an episode or two. Well turns out it aired in Japan on the 24hr a day TV Channel Animax and late was unsurprisingly when it was on or 00:45 in the morning to be exact. There's no denying that it's charm is definitely best extracted when fighting off slumber. That was again when I first experienced it two nights ago when looking for something to watch before going off to bed. So Super Milk-Chan is a bizarre comedy of sorts about a 5 year old superhero called Milk (despite the fact she doesn't appear to have any superpowers), her malfunctioning robot maid Tetsuko (who is often distracted by love) and the near completely pointless Hanage (a pet slug with a mustache). Each episode follows a pretty exact formula with Milk-Chan receiving a mission from a man who if my sources are correct is definitely the president (and also the funniest character in the show). These missions are often pretty empty and rarely are even acted upon by Milk-Chan. Still so long as the objective is somehow completed then it calls for Sushi or something to celebrate. This is basically all the show is and honestly it's a strange mix of terrible and brilliant. I could never say this is a good show because there is really no hook, the humor is pretty methodical and slow and there is rarely a punchline to anything. Animation wise the show takes the appearance of a less frantic Japanese styled Ren & Stimpy. Nothing is over animated with fast exaggerated movements but the whole thing certainly has the look of something out of the ordinary. I watched the series via the ADV dub (which unlike the sequel series stays true to the original script). Hilary Haag plays Milk-Chan and she sounds like a 5 year old so I guess she nails it but if that will appeal to you or not is a whole other question. Robot maid Tetsuko is played by Monica Rial in this robot sounding could understandably be totally annoying voice. I liked it and think it added to the surreal nature of the show but yeah this could be a total turn off for some. Finally the President is played by Mike MacRae and it's a perfectly funny performance and his introduction as the President made me laugh everytime. In Summary the whole thing is just this bizarre strange thing you are watching and it'll really depend on you if that strangeness appeals to you or not. For example there is an infinite time loop that occurs in the first couple of episodes, at first it's not particularly funny but as it continues for a good minute or two I honestly found it hilarious. It was at that moment that I pulled down the barriers and just let this show take me and from there I enjoyed it.

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