Kyou no Go no Ni

Alt title: Today in Class 5-2

OVA (4 eps)
3.706 out of 5 from 3,569 votes
Rank #2,422

Fifth grade is a time for learning and growing and... getting into a whole mess of trouble! Class 5-2 is a "typical" fifth-grade class whose members always seem to be up to something. The leaders of their group are Ryota and Chika - Ryota's childhood friend who has a crush on him that she can’t seem to confess. While Chika continues on, remaining a close and valued friend, Ryota continues to be a typical boy who is oblivious to her feelings. Furthermore, he can’t seem to stay out of trouble with the ladies! Different situations keep their lives busy during school – everything from loose teeth to getting locked in the PE storage room. School is much more enjoyable when you are young and full of dreams!

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Sheex May 13, 2008
Score 7/10

For an anime so distinctly rooted in wrongness, I was surprised how subtle these attributes came across in Kyou no Go no Ni.  Indeed, much of the humor carries many sexual undertones, but none of it came across in an offensive or intrusive manner; it was all played on the innocence and naïveté of the characters.  Thus, when deciding whether or not to watch Kyou no Go no Ni... read more

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