Mujaki no Rakuen

OVA (3 eps x 26 min)
2014 - 2016
2.594 out of 5 from 883 votes
Rank #14,515
Mujaki no Rakuen

Shouta is a 25-year-old NEET. At his class reunion, he is mocked by all his former female classmates who've all become successful. A time-shift at the school pool throws him back in time to his 5th grade years and gives him a second chance to deal with those same classmates when they were fifth grade girls. Now he faces a dilemma: he may change his destiny or he may stay as the same loser.

Source: ANN

Unaired episodes bundled with the 6th and 8th volumes of the Mujaki no Rakuen manga.

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A few things to get out of the way before we begin: 1. This was part of DTAB. 2. This was nominated by Brad. 3. Fuck you Brad. 4. Seriously, fuck you for picking this out of your loli fetish porn stash. 5. To the government watchdogs, I direct your attention to the guy who said we should watch this, and I quote without removing two names of people who watched this and far less sorrid shows about giant tits, milk squirting out of said tits and giant ass mammories that get sucked on for super powers: [QUOTE=Bradalee;1678258]Ailly, Geko, you both know you need to join in for this one. I promise it will be totally boners.[/QUOTE] And a link to the page in question for his loli boners in case I fudged up the quoting: Ze Link to a quote on Brad calling this show "Boners" Sweet, that's about it. This entire thing was Brad's idea. May the lord have mercy on our souls and may we avoid the government for watching this. Story: This is gonna be creepy and kinda... pedo. Or just extremely fucking creepy as fuck. So this... 25 year old guy, he's at this gathering with his old elementary school (High school? I don't know, it was a bunch of hot chicks that made sexy names for themselves) chums and chumettes and after some heavy drinking or something, wondering where the time went and stuff, he goes to the school roof and jumps off into the pool (WTF), only to be transported back into time where he was a shouta and all the fine ass chicks turned back into little girls, which is NOT FINE ASS. He still retains the mindset of a 25 year old pedo. Basically, it's a 25 year old man in a 6-9 year old body, surrounded by a bunch of little girls and some guys or whatever. But he is fucking 25 in a fucking 9-ish kid's body. And it gets worse. It gets fucking worse. This kid, he's like... I don't know, maybe that douchebag Makoto from School Days where he gets all the fine ass honeys and all the girls seem to lose their clothes around him and stuff. Which is... kinda... accurate... Hm. This is definitely some jail time. But yeah, there's plenty of loli ass, some no ass, some finely shaped, round loli ass, a girl who is literally all crack in the butt and this guy runs the gauntlet of sex without the actual sex. This is sounding really wrong and it is, but not as bad as it sounds because it's no schlong action, just boners through his pants. It's really hard to word it right while getting the point across. There is loads of euphemisms for boners, jizz, pleasuring little girls, and playing doctor because what the fuck. This was based on a manga! And they made an OVA! And it has no ending! It's literally some guy's dream boner of animating some sexual loli stuff! Whatever plot there is is immediately- ah. I can't use any... butt euphemisms... else it'd be creepy. Really creepy. There is very little plot that isn't a railroad for the loli train to the next sexual station. Very little actual plot and you have to remember, that shouta who is getting all that hot young girl action? That's a 25 year old in there. Animation: Everything here is criminal. The animation is split into two parts: The lolis and the semi-naked lolis. The lolis get sexualized and one rides his junk like a pony on a stallion, but no actual sex is involved, just oh dear god this is so wrong. Technically, this is one of the better smut fests and is like... good, you know, but it's still lolis. Some bare loli ass, a parade of undressing and dressing lolis, visual metaphors, the cream, pudding... I feel so unclean. Sound: I remember nothing of the music or voice overs and can thus only give it a blank. Which is a 5. For me not caring. Characters: There is 0 fucking development for the lolis or shouta. The guy is an adult NEET, one girl is an idol or something, another is a country gal (?), one's a princess like girl (I have no idea) and... there is really nothing to remember the gals from each other. Apart from the one with the assless crack and the one with the round butt which would have been better if she was older. Overall: Creepest. Shit. Ever. Do not watch this unless you appreciate lolis or have a fetish for them, like Brad. It's fun to namedrop his name like his, because it was his idea. And we're all on the government watch list. If you want to join the club, it's on youtube. Probably. But really, don't.


Before I start the actual review, I'd like to give a disclaimer: I am not attracted to loli-type characters, I don't really get the appeal personally. Having said that, I find it difficult to dismiss the whole idea for this series as paedophilia. I shall explain why below... Story - 3/10 Okay, so judging from the other reviews and ratings, it's clear many people are accusing this of being straight up child porn. This is not a baseless accusation; this OVA basically consists of a bit of minor exposition at the beginning of the 1st and 2nd episodes (they skipped it in the 3rd), and then a montage of various sexual situations involving 5th-grade girls. However, I think what many people are doing is getting disgusted with the premise and then completely disregarding everything else about the idea. I realise that some people WILL get 'sexual enjoyment' out of this, but I personally found entertainment in it in the same sense as you can find entertainment in the really dumb ecchi scenes in anime in general (e.g. the classic fall on top of girl, take far too long to realise they're squeezing said girl's boobs etc.). Most of the scenes revolve around the idea that the protagonist, a 25 year old male who has time travelled back to himself aged 10, ends up in situations with his female classmates that he perceives as exceptionally dirty, whilst they don't see anything particularly unusual about what's happening, because they have not yet had their innocence spoiled by maturity. Although by its very nature the series takes these 'encounters' to greater extremes than are likely, most of them are still reasonably plausible (excluding one scene in the 3rd episode which takes it a bit too far). Regardless of whether the point of this series was to satisfy the creator's unpleasant sexual interests or not, I still got some level of enjoyment out of the series because for the most part, the protagonist behaves (somewhat) as you would expect a 25-year old man trapped in the body of his own 10-year old self to behave in such situations. He shows some resistance to the idea of finding these 10-year old girls attractive (more so at the beginning), and I don't think any of the encounters are actually initiated by him, they are usually accidents caused by the girls' innocence that puts him in such situations. I was mainly able to look past his sexual excitement in such situations for two main reasons: he KNEW all these girls to begin with; it's not like he was just going round looking at random children, it's made quite apparent that he remembers his feelings for one girl in particular, but also simply about how the others all were and behaved in their youth - I'm sure other people can remember how they felt about those they liked when they were younger as well he is aware of how the girls look in the present (i.e. when they are all ~25), so automatically associates their 10-year old selves with their older appearances Having said all this though, it doesn't really mean the series deserves any higher ratings. The reality is that this OVA at least has very little in the way of story. Though most of the scenes are mildly amusing (some more than others), it just isn't a particularly interesting series. If it threaded the scenes into an actual story progression like most legitimate ecchi anime, it would probably be much better, but as it is, this is probably aimed almost entirely at fans of the manga who want to see some of the scenes from the manga animated. I have not read the manga so I cannot confirm whether or not there actually is more of a story. Animation - 7/10 The animation for this series changes quite noticeably after the first episode. At the beginning of the first episode it almost seems like a picture drama, but as it goes on it does show itself to have proper animation for the most part. Even so, the character designs undergo significant improvement for the second and third episodes, and the animation is something I can't really flaw particularly. It wasn't stunning by any stretch of the imagination, but it certainly wasn't bad either. Sound - 6/10  The sound design wasn't particularly noticeable, which generally means it's decent. The only times sound design should be noticeable in my opinion is when it is exceptionally good or exceptionally bad. The sound design for this OVA is neither. It's just decent, with a few sound effects of questionable quality. The theme song is a bit sub-par as well, but I don't really think anyone's going to watch this series for the theme song. Characters - 5/10 There isn't much character development in this series. I don't know why you would expect that from a 3-episode OVA. Having said that, there is ample information provided about the protagonist and arguably the 'main' girl in the series, their relationship, past and so forth. A number of the side characters also have their own notable personalities and backgrounds (the protagonist on several occasions references how their future professions reflect their behaviour in their youth). So overall the characters aren't particularly strong or developed, but there have been worse attempts at character development. Overall - 4.5/10 This series certainly isn't for everyone. I'm not actually convinced it's for anyone to be honest. Even people with massive lolita complexes probably wouldn't feel justified giving this more than a 7/10 tops, and that's just because the story is so non-existent and the setup for the scenes is mostly very short and abrupt. Other ecchi series are able to carry their 'ecchiness' by at least attempting to provide a story for them to fit into, which this doesn't really do. Despite this, I don't think this series is quite as bad as most people seem to be assuming without really thinking about it much. Watch if you will, I wouldn't recommend it but I probably wouldn't go out of my way to dissuade people from watching it either. If you think you'll like it, you probably will. If you know you'll hate it, don't bother trying it.


 A 25 year old man attends his junior highschool class reunion. He reconnects with some of the girls he had relationships with during those times and finds out they've all become successful and accomplished adults and becomes depressed with the reality that he's nothing more than a poor and unsuccesful NEET. Alone by the school pool lost in reflection of his life and comparing himself to his successful old friends. He slips and falls into the pool only to "magically" emerge 15 years in the past as his 5th grade self. Now, as a 25 year old in his 10 year old body he's been given a brand new lease on life having the opportunity to relive his childhood and use the knowledge he has of the future to do things differently both in his career and in his relationships.It's 3 episodes, 25 minutes each, and predominantly Ecchi I emphasize that this is an Ecchi anime  because Ecchi anime generally consists of varying levels of sexualized content and Mujuaki no Rakuen in particular comes with an "explicit sex" tag which is added onto ecchi animes that have excessive amounts of sexualized content. So having said that if you've been reading the entirity of this summary you will know by now that the majority of the story is told from the perspective of 10 year olds. So if you are someone who is uncomfortable with explicit romance involving younger children, this anime may not be for you. ___________________________________________________________________________Story: 2 - At the time of this review only 2 of the 3 episodes have been aired so the story is still incomplete, but you can get the gist of things right from the beginning. It's a very basic story that's quickly paced with not too much depth and mostly fanservice pandering to lolicons. If you dig the loli, you'll love it. If not, you'll probably think this is disturbing. Animation: 5 - Surprisingly. Not too bad considering most Ecchi OVA's don't have mind blowing budgets to produce quality content. It's not amazing, but definitely not bad quality either.  Sound: 5 - There's an intro song, there's an ending song. They're not horrible, but nothing special to remember. Characters: 3 : Your generic cast of characters.  The main boy, the main girl,  4-5 generic side girls with varying depths of relationship with the MC.  It's a cast of characters found in literally hundreds of ecchi and romance anime's ever to exist but the problem here is that this cast is a bunch 10 year old children.Overall: 3.75: If you're bored waiting between the main series' you're watching and want something to quickly burn a hole in your pants through and are an adult who can differeniate the loli fantasy from the reality you live in, you'll be okay... Maybe. 

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