Mujaki no Rakuen

OVA (3 eps x 27 min)
2014 - 2016
1.976 out of 5 from 720 votes
Rank #9,040
Mujaki no Rakuen

Shouta is a 25-year-old NEET. At his class reunion, he is mocked by all his former female classmates who've all become successful. A time-shift at the school pool throws him back in time to his 5th grade years and gives him a second chance to deal with those same classmates when they were fifth grade girls. Now he faces a dilemma: he may change his destiny or he may stay as the same loser.

Source: ANN

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Thrawn Feb 2, 2015
Score 1/10

A few things to get out of the way before we begin: 1. This was part of DTAB. 2. This was nominated by Brad. 3. Fuck you Brad. 4. Seriously, fuck you for picking this out of your loli fetish porn stash. 5. To the government watchdogs, I direct your attention to the guy who said we should... read more

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Unclelucas Aug 31, 2016
Score 3.7/10

 A 25 year old man attends his junior highschool class reunion. He reconnects with some of the girls he had relationships with during those times and finds out they've all become successful and accomplished adults and becomes depressed with the reality that he's nothing more than a poor and unsuccesful NEET.

Alone by the school pool lost in reflection of his life and comparing himself to his... read more

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