Naisho no Tsubomi

OVA (3 eps)
3.2 out of 5 from 580 votes
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Puberty is an embarrassing, trying time for a child. Your body changes, you start to have feelings for the opposite sex, and more than anything, you are confused and bewildered about what’s happening to you. Tsubomi, Rea, Saya and a group of other fifth-grade students are being faced with this difficult event, and will experience the joys and horrors of it together. From learning about the difference between the male and female bodies, to experiencing a first kiss, to discovering the cause of pregnancy and even getting a first period, Tsubomi and her friends will finally learn what it means to be a grown up.

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Story:  Naisho no Tsubomi is a story what was written in a wrong way. The topics are all about pregnancy, sex and periods etc etc. (puberty, to sum it up) yet, through all the fairly vulgar subjects, it remains aimed at children of about eleven years old. This, of course, leads to these younger people being told by their parents ''No!! You shouldn't be watching that!! Go watch your 'My Little Pony' DVD again dear!'' and no one is left to watch this other than teenagers and adults. And will they enjoy watching this? I cannot help but feel: No. I found this storyline pretty boring, I couldn't even manage over half an episode. I probably would have given it longer, but since its only 3 episodes long, I doubt it has any time for any vast improvements. The stories are slow paced, they weren't that interesting. I felt this held nothing that good about it. Animation: The animation, I felt looked fairly old. The characters looked cute, but their eyes I felt were slightly unfitting. They looked like something from a baby-ish cutesy mahou-shoujo like 'Pretty Cure' or something. Sound: There wasn't really any sound at all. Only a few jingles. Characters: Hmm...well, these were alright, I must admit. The blonde pigtail girl could be mildly amusing and I was slghtly intrigued by Saya, who was a complete mystery. There were no really idiotic and stupid characters, which was an improvement when compared to other short and simple OVAs like this, but no stand-out characters really :( Overall: This just....failed '___' It was made for one audience when it shouldn't have been. The other audiences what its acceptable to be viewed by just aren't interested by it...its just....not right :S

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