Angel Links

Alt title: Seihou Tenshi Angel Links

TV (13 eps)
2.96 out of 5 from 759 votes
Rank #15,155

Sixteen-year-old Meifon Li runs the security company Angel Links – an organization hired to protect cargo ships from space pirates. However, Angel Links is no ordinary security company: it provides its services for free! With the help of Taffei, a cat-like creature who transforms into Meifon’s sword; second-in-command Kosei; top strategist Valeria; the mighty Dragonite warrior Duuz; and the Links Cannon, a weapon capable of destroying any ship in sight; Meifon proves that defeating bothersome pirates is child’s play. Defending the galaxy from pirates isn’t the only thing on Meifon’s mind, however; she must also uncover a dark secret from her family’s past and discover the truth behind her strange memories...

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This is a minor anime Studio Sunrise made for the heck of it. It also has the director of the fail adaptation that was Fate/Stay Night so you can imagine how bad it will be.ART SECTION: 5/10 [Swords that pop out of boobies!]Since the setting takes place in the space era, expect the usual treatment: Lots of machines, lots of spaceships, lots of space battles, lots of alien planets, lots of aliens and lots of naked women… The last part sounds irrelevent, doesn’t it? Well, yes, it is. Half-naked female flesh is thrown all over the screen almost every 5 minutes for no other reason than sleasy entertainment. And in order to make a long story short, this is all there is to expect from the optical department:-Original shaped spaceships… Not that this contributes to the story in any way. They just look original. They otherwise “bahave” as spaceships usually do.-Pathetic attempts at fan service in the form of huge breasts and naked legs. Almost no real nude or even pantsu shots. The series is filled with sexual-implied scenes that are not really sexual. Major failure!-Flashy but boring battles. Lots of energy beams fly around, ships dance like crazy in space, things explode, people scream… and then the leading girl pulls out her secret weapon and beats the bad-guys in a flash… What a drag! A lot of fuss over situations that never feel threatening. Just how many weapons does that girl hide between her boobies, anyway? Rabid cats, magic swords, bioorganic mutations and who knows what else. Really, I skipped most battles out of boredom and stupidity.-Uninteresting character figures. They are so generic that you forget about them as soon as the episode is over.-Lots of still images, some repeated footage and inconsistency of graphic quality. Some episodes are ok to look at; some look terribly simplistic.SOUND SECTION: 4/10 [Where is the mute button?]Music themes? Terrible! Not only they sound stupid; they also feel out of place. Voice acting? Lukewarm and with worse lip-sync than usual.STORY SECTION: 3/10 [Oh, not you again!]- Busty chick with dramatic past protects spaceships from space pirates… Nothing more…- Almost all the episodes are stand-alone missions about a cocky pirate, trying to steal something and getting his ass kicked by the leading girl. Those will feel lukewarm at best, as they don’t differ in any way from filler missions in most anime series. They are otherwise colorizing the secondary characters but not in original or interesting ways.- Towards the end, the heroine’s backdrop story is revealed as she faces her past nightmares. This part was a bit more interesting, as we get to have an on-going story. But her mysterious past turns out to be the most overused and clichéd scenario in existence. And the final battle was so rushed and boring that I literally wished for all the characters to drop dead in the conclusion. It was their last chance to redeem themselves in my eyes and they botched it.CHARACTER SECTION: 3/10 [They are better off dead!]The short amount of episodes, their generic appearance, their dry behaviors and the really, really boring plot, put the entire cast side to side with the story. There is nothing to see or care about them.VALUE & ENJOYMENT SECTION: 1/10 [Snoring and yawning]Completely boring and unoriginal; this title has simply nothing to offer. Just open a hatch and throw this thing at the vacuum of space! And throw lasers at it, as it drifts towards Andromeda. Let’s not make any aliens who might find it to think badly of us.

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