Reborn as a Space Mercenary: I Woke Up Piloting the Strongest Starship!

Alt title: Mezametara Saikyou Soubi to Uchuusen-mochi datta no de, Ikkodate Mezashite Youhei Toshite Jiyuu ni Ikitai

Vol: 5+; Ch: 35+
2019 - ?
4.016 out of 5 from 408 votes
Rank #3,323
Reborn as a Space Mercenary: I Woke Up Piloting the Strongest Starship!

Sato Takahiro was an ordinary office worker and hobbyist gamer until the day he woke up on a spaceship–one that strangely resembled a craft from a favorite space-shooter game. With a decked-out ship, a crew full of babes, and a fantastic universe to explore, he’s going to make the most of his good luck and create the life he’s always dreamed of!

Source: Seven Seas

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Ever felt bored of reading the same fantasy isekai with the same twists and the same exact way it's "different from the others"? Ever felt that, but still wanted isekai trash? Then read this. Yes, you still have a bunch of classic isekai stuff, featuring a harem and an MC that starts out with the best equipment available That being said, the copy-pasting of the classic isekai format pretty much ends there We're following an office worker that got transported into a game he plays a lot during his sleep or something. For the game, imagine a mix of the individual players in EVE Online and the politics and fighting of Stellaris. I haven't been able to find another isekai set in a sci-fi world and tbh I'd read all of those I could find in that style. You don't have a generic magic system, you don't have weird monsters (except crystal lifeforms which were basically stolen from Stellaris), almost everything is new. As of now tho, you still have "male MC with most other characters being female". But at least the manga doesn't screw around and, you see... Intercourses are relatively common. The manga is not scared of having the characters fuck, and I appreciate that this is not overplayed for fan service. All in all, great read. If you're getting bored and have read all basic isekai plots that exist, read this. If you haven't read all isekais already, do so before reading this, else you'll think all the rest is trash. Note : Why story 7/10? Right now, I don't see a precise or very interesting story going on. It's kinda going like a slice of life with action and an optional objective that makes everything move along. Not that it's bad, but there's potential for a much better story, which this could morph into for all I know...


Probably 90% of the characters are girls. Which makes it so whenever a new character is introduced, even tangentially, you end up wondering whether fe'll become part of Hiro's harem or not. Currently, the only real members of feir harem are Mimi and Elma, though both Serena and Shoko feel like it's just a matter of time before they join. The sequences of events that lead to Mimi and Elma becoming Hiro's sexual partners feel kinda gross and exploitative (because of the transactional tinge to them). I know the story purposefully emphasizes the lack of exploitation going on, but it's still definitely playing into that type of fantasy where a woman will thank a man for saving fem by using feir body. It's also clear that the girls are on some level accepting of Hiro having multiple partners, but I don't think the characters have actually sat down and talked about the expectations and stuff within their relationships. For example: Are the girls likewise allowed to have multiple sexual partners if they so wish, or is only Hiro allowed to have multiple partners? What level of long-term commitment is there in these relationships? What happens if two metamours don't get along with each other? And so on and so forth. The manga obviously doesn't get into any of this type of stuff, 'cause the harem trope isn't actually interested in asking what it means to ethically be in multiple relationships at once. It's just a shallow power fantasy, as the "Harem" tag itself suggests. Anyway, all you really need to know is that this is one of the harem stories where the characters actually have sex with each other. The mannerisms of the girls feel pretty classic for harem types of stories (though "classic" doesn't mean necessarily "good"...). Like, they'll have girls pout with slight tears in their eyes, or puff out their cheeks, or lean forward with their arms akimbo. Elma's childish pride isn't appealing to me. While the main hook of the manga seems to be the harem stuff, there is also some space mercenary and other sci-fi stuff. There's quite a few space battles, wherein Hiro and others will pyoo-pyoo the pirate ships. Hiro is a mercenary, which basically just means that fe goes around and collects bounties and acts like a vigilante. I will say that it's a bit dull how Hiro is made so fully superior to all the other space captains, even though they've lived in this world for their whole lives and fe's only experienced it through a game. Like, why aren't there other people who are comparably adept at tactics and spaceship maneuvering? Though, of course, we all know why. 'Cause the author wants Hiro to excel, to be the big man that everyone can rely on. Even if that means being weaker overall with worldbuilding and characterizations. [Reviewed at chapter 16]

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