Irresponsible Captain Tylor

Alt title: Musekinin Kanchou Tylor

TV (26 eps)
3.914 out of 5 from 2,930 votes
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The future of humanity is in peril, as they are confronted with the threat of an intergalactic clash with a warrior-like alien race, and the only one who can save them is... Captain Tylor?! Join a crew of misfits and rejects including an alcoholic doctor, a gorgeous nurse, an anal-retentive commander and a bunch of really stupid marines as they try to make it out in space and to discover whether their captain is a misunderstood genius or a total moron like he seems to be.

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Welcome to my fifth community review of an anime series on Anime-Planet. With this review, I am going to be looking and giving my opinion on the anime series The Irresponsible Captain Tylor, a 26 episode series animated by Tatsunuko Pro in 1993. No spoilers or cursing in my reviews, so you can read them without any problems and recommend them to younger people. Please comment and review my review. They can be very helpful for future reviews. Thanks and onto the review! Story; Justy Ueki Tylor is the great uniter, but he is an idiot and a genius. The show has a solid plot of trying to stop aliens from destroying humanity. Pretty basic and ordinary, right? Wrong. Tylor is not ordinary. Not at all. Not at all. There is a word that perfectly describes Tylor as a series and that word is charming. There is so much that the story has to offer from romance, drama to downright fun and games. It has a little bit of everything for everyone and that is rare for anime these days. Animation; For being animated in 1993, it's actually surprisingly good looking. Tatsunuko Pro did a wonderful and solid job with this show. The designs of the ships and characters (both human and alien) are superb and very pleasing to the eyes. I have seen the original animation and the remastered version. I would highly recommend seeking out the remastered video and audio. It's a significant difference when you compare the two. Sound; The background music is pretty goofy at times, but so is Tylor. The same can be said about the opening and closing songs. Although there is distinct charm with this series' choice of music. It's appropriately and tastefully done to respect the work. The Japanese track was well done and the English track equally so. I could safely recommend watching Tylor in either of the languages. It just sounds fantastic. Characters; Charming characters in a charming series. Tylor is all about the characters. They can be largely entertaining in every episode. From the lovely Azalyn, to the stern Yamamoto, to the cute twins and beyond. Although I cannot forget about the titular character for it would be a crime against the universe to do so. Tylor is easily one of the most enjoyable and entertaining lead characters in all anime. It's a solid character drama with great growth. Overall; Irresponsible Captain Tylor is a fantastic comedy series from the days of old. There is a massive amount of charm in this series. I am going to recommend watching it. However, I am not going to go as far to say watch the OVA series too as apparently it ends with a cliffhanger whereas the series does not. That said, if you want more animated adventures of Tylor and his crew, go ahead as I am sure you probably will not care - you will just be glad to have more Tylor! Tylor is addictive stuff and I would not blame you. Bottom line, just watch it. Do yourself a favor.


Background of the Show Irresponsible Captain Tylor is the story of two civilizations at war, humans, using their navy, the United Planets Space Force (UPSF), and Holy Raalgon Empire, humanoid aliens.  In the centre of it all is Justy Ueki Tylor, a lazy, laid back, optimistic man who's probably never done or taken anything seriously in his entire life.  After a certain incident, he's given command of the Soyokaze, an outdated, underequipped UPSF destroyer...which turns out is the dumping ground for all useless and unmanagable UPSF staff.  Despite that, the ship continually survives engagements with Raalgon forces...leaving everybody wonder how they do it...especially given Tylor's attitudeand lack of any real sense of urgency. The anime is based off of Hitoshi Yoshioka's novels of the same name.  It is generally called a comedic space opera. Story - 7.0/10 The story of Irresponsible Captain Tylor is very intriguing.  The background is something you could expect would come out of a serious show, along the lines of the visual novel version of Galaxy Angel.  Yet, for something considered a parody of space operas, it's surprisingly serious in where it actually takes the story.  The method that solves the events, namely Tylor's inverventions, are comedic, but the story itself is pretty serious.  That means nothing wrong actually adds to the flavour a bit.  The story can be considered pretty standard, but the interaction it has with the characters makes it feel extremely strong.  The show begins to grind down from time to time.  Looking back, I find it hard to remember that it's 26 episodes.  Animation - 4.5/10 The animation in the show shows its age.  It's an early '90's anime and, as such has many of the follies of an early '90's anime in its art.  This comes to a particular forefront in the rare battle scenes, where repeated animations are used frequently. This is much less noticable in non-action scenes however.  Again, it's pretty standard for its time (though the repatition is a little tough to watch).  It's marked as average for that reasion. Sound - 5.0/10 This ranking incorporates many sections.  I'll go through them individually:  - Songs: Generally solid.  The opening is catchy and fun (with one of the wierdest opening sequences you'll ever see).  The ending is pretty standard.  - Sound Effects: Passable. There's little special, little off with it.  It doesn't stand out in any way.  - Original Sound Track: Reasonable.  A few memorable songs sprinkled inside a fairly standard set.   - Voice Acting:  Fine, but nothing special in either language.  English's version is pretty much a collection of all your favourite VAs before they were hits.  Famously, this was Crispin Freeman's first major role before he got typecast (after playing Zelgadis). Characters - 9.0/10 The characters are the major reason why you watch this show.  They're a completely goofy crew...and they take the space opera on a wild ride.  By completely defying all sense of logic, conventional wisdom, and probably UNconventional wisdom, they destroy all sense of reason in the show and bringing all sorts of hilarity. Character development doesn't go unattended either.  While the eponymous character doesn't really develop, everybody around him does.  Despite much of the debate being on whether Tylor is a genius for saving the crew countless times, or just plain lucky, the massive impact he has on the cast leaves the question to the possibility of him being a spiritual figure, leading them to enlightenment. Non-Tylor characters are good, but not memorable.  They are quirky, but do not stand out enough to make a show.  The show is very much about how Tylor impacts...well...everything and how he drags them along despite seemingly doing nothing.  Long story short: A little slow at times, the show takes what you remember about space operas and turns them on their head by taking a familiar and easy to recognize situation...and turning it on its head.  While it doesn't stand out in its delivery or overall polish in animation, if you're able to get past that, it's a solid show to watch. Overall - 7.0/10


Personal thought before review:  This review will be a bit positive rather then both a critical review.  You see I got out of watching anime a year ago, and after picking this show up a few weeks ago I'm back in full swing! Also has made me want to pick up The Ledgend Of The Galactic Heroes that it parodies that I'm about to watch so I give it thanks for that aswell. Overall And Production: A show what revolves most humour around one man's incompablility surely shouldint be counted as annything more then mediocre surely.  Yet Captain Tylor milks it's dull consept so well that It produses a milkshake.  Everything is crisp in this show, the humour, animation, editing, and sound.  I'm just supprised that the show's producers didnt get up to much anime works before or after Tylor. Personnaly I'm not sure if this show has a following at all since I havint met annyone who knows of it yet it seems to be a minni landmark when it comes to anime, space opera's in general even. Even thought for its older age it competes with Outlaw Star or Trigun five years later that have surely mirrored there image on it yet they have such high statuses. Story:   I'ts a comedyso surely the story is nothing special, however I did happen to be neck streached out at times to the screen yet modestly gave only a small worry when a plot didnt develop, it's a comedy after all.  Cant say its annything origenal though since it's a parady as well yet the enemies consept is charming although moree background I wish was given gradually.   Charectors:   Without a second thought I say to myself how can a show whose protaganist is a persona of the shows viewers yet only look on the bright side the whole way though. Since tylor began his adventures by blindly following a propaganda poster with a cuite girl in it.  I was thinking of Welcome To The NHK in mind that satarises the concept harshly yet with resect.  The show dose take seriouse matters into its lighthearted humour, such as the alchoholic doctor that you cant stop but chuckle everytime he even mentions alchohol or sips.  At a pace that you cant look back on and reducing you to only smile. All charectors besides from Azalyn and Tylors superiors, seem to just be on invidisual paths yet get moulded (in a good way) into assosiating Tylor as there captain.  Simple lessons to be learnt? Yes, yet that never keeps a charactor flat as you would think. Music/Sound:  Well like alot of shows the soundtrack is what made me find out about the show in the first place. So that garantees that the shows going to be good for me.  It was remembrable enought to go back now and then on youtube to look it up. Background sound design was also high on the radar for detail.  Animation:  From my viewing of anime of 1990-1995 I can proudly say that this is a milestone in animation.  Even the cheesy pop intro accidentely points out to show us what era this anime was from.  Still cant get over that its more then 20 years old.  At times during the end of the show I coulding stop but smirk seeing how the background animation of the human capital did bare alot of resembelances to Akira's. But thats more a personal thought. Final Thoughts:  This show fits manny needs. I recomend it. Retro Anime Cultural Step Casual/Intense Comedy Parody of greater Animes

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