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WonderofU129 Mar 15, 2022

True , and yea I still watch anime mostly manga since they're faster to finish but if the anime is really good yep will watch it and sure would love to see the chinsese anime

Interest Mar 15, 2022

Idk im kinda stuck between Kakegurui and Jujutsu Kaisen, leaning more towards Kakegurui. 

What's ur fave anime?

sxftlilsleepypuppy Mar 15, 2022

bro i wish i could get some money like him just by glaring at someone

KaedeAkamatsuSimp384 Mar 14, 2022


when you just finish a show and season 2 is coming like next year🤣💀

i dont rlly like mikasa bc she's cold to everyone but eren and she's not rlly a deep character

i put her on my hate list before i rewatched aot tho so maybe its changed 

when i saw her being badass again