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silverwine Apr 11, 2020

Well, I technically only read 6 chapters of the manga, but i've been snooping around in the BSD fandom page so I can confirm he escaped the book :D
my first husbando was Sasuke, but when i reached that faithful episode 9 everything changed


silverwine Apr 10, 2020


AnimePixel Mar 27, 2020

I understand why you and many others think BakuDeku is toxic and aggressive because honestly Bakugou messed up big time so I get that, and I know where you're coming from. I have no hard feelings and I know many people disapprove of them because of that. and yes, Bakugou and Kirishima's bromance. It is literally one of the reasons why I love Kirishima.

I am curious to know what you thought about TodoDeku cause I'm pretty sure the majority of the Boku no Hero Academia Fan ships those two, personally I don't see the harm in shipping them, but I feel like they're only mainly shipped together cause Todo is hot and Deku is likable??? I don't really see the connection between the two besides the fact that Deku helped Todo with his dad problems this one time and that was it. They didn't do much together besides that. So I don't understand how they will ever be as a couple since their personalities are like polar opposites and they aren't that close in the anime. Todo is like that friend who is there and not there in events and nobody (in the anime, not the people watching the anime) realizes his existence because of his quiet, cool personality.

I ship Todo with Momo it's like my favorite straight ship. I don't like all the hate and dislike it gets just cause people ship him with Deku...

AnimePixel Mar 26, 2020

I don't really like KiriBaku cause I highly value their bro relationship and I feel it's weird to have them be like lovey-dovey cause they have a cool relationship and they're like a bro kind of thing ya know? 

In short, a couple doesn't really fit them and I just love their relationship in the anime right now and I much prefer that than changing it. 

About who I ship, you probably won't ship it as I know many KiriBaku fan doesn't either. I actually ship BakuDeku cause they just have that kind of chemistry.

Sure they don't really get along and sure they are like rivals, but they are still very close. The fact that they shared a secret of all might's quirk and the fact that Bakugou showed his weak side to Deku really emphasizes how deep their relationship is. The fact that Bakugou still lets Deku call him by his childhood nickname says something and the fact that Deku decided to use Deku as his hero name really shows that his Hero days all started with the nickname that Bakugou gave him.

Also, I feel that everyone would have ship them more if Bakugou's crazy explosive personality didn't ruin the people's perspective. I mean it wasn't his fault he felt important and wanted people like Deku to praise him more on how awesome he is and all. He absolutely hates people who look down on him and he mistakenly took Deku as one of them, but I think that's about to turn around in season 4.

Their relationship gets relatively better and better since their middle school years. Also, they're childhood friends and I think that although they may have been rocky in the past, I'm pretty sure that they probably can't imagine what it's like without the other person, after all, Deku wants to be more like Bakugou and Bakugou would continue to have his ass saved by Deku many times.

I feel they could and would understand each other better, they just honestly really compliment each other in certain ways. 

AnimePixel Mar 23, 2020

Also, something that did catch my eye was that you're a KiriBaku fan???

Though I understand why you ship Kirishima and Bakugou together, I will try to respect that.

I'm sorry but when I do get very very passionate about one certain ship, I dislike all other ships related to the characters. I'm really really sorry and I know you won't be able to understand why I ship them, but I do. There is just a lot of chemistry between them that I feel no one cared to understand or just simple mindedly don't understand at all. You probably know which ship I'm talking about and you should know that I defend this ship a whole lot. I know you probably won't like my opinion on KiriBaku if you're really a KiriBaku fan, so I won't say it. 

What am I writing all of this for? Well, partly cause I'm bored, partly cause I feel I can talk to you about this and partly cause why not, but mostly cause I'm not one of those fans of KiriBaku. 

We can have heated debate, I don't mind, and we can just not do anything about it, but I just wanted to say this because it feels better when it's off my chest. 

Sorry for bothering you if you did not want to read all this or if you don't care or if you're not a KiriBaku fan so yeah lol, I tend to get pretty pissed when people bad mouth my ships and then have nothing to say to even defend themselves when I prove to them that they're wrong with their perspective about this ship. I hate hate people who think that they think whatever they support a ship just cause why not and bad mouth another ship that someone really cares about and then argues over about it, then finds out they can't argue for sh*t. Phew, I'm talking about a certain someone on tic ton a few years ago.

Ok, I really am just saying all of this to get it out of my system so you can really just ignore it.