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Hey so im quite new to anime and I only joined last year, but I have watched and heard about a few animes.

I am secondary school student, so I can't really dedicate much time to anime, but whenever I have the time I do watch it, I do.


my favourite animes:

Komi Can't Communicate

They're very good animes and I enjoy them very much!


Here's a little info bout me to get know me better😁:

Age: above 0 and under 100 ( it's a secret )

Name: ??...?? ( also a secret 😜 )

B-DAY 🥳 : August 14th 

Zodiac: Leo ♌️ 

Siblings: 2 older half brothers and a younger brother

Nationality:  Asian ( from Central Asia to be precise )

Hobbies: Drawing ✏️___, playing volleyball 🏐 , WATCHING ANIME ❤️✨

Fave foods: i practically will eat anything that tastes good 

Fave colours: blue / blue green 💙💚, black🖤, white 🤍and also pink💕



Fun Facts about moi: 

- I actually started playing volleyball cos of anime lol

- I'am quite introverted, and I don't usually go outside (unless I have to or i feel like it)

-  simp for anime men ✨uwu✨

- Huge shipper 

- i can speak fluent Russian ( and sarcasm lol )

Fave characters are :  





1⭐️ - absolutely trash, not the best plot or animation

2⭐️- its still a no from me

3⭐️- i enjoyed it at the start, but then i grew to dislike it a bit (mainly the plot)

4⭐️- i enjoy it 

5⭐️- i love everything about it, the characters, the plot...the everything!




Btw if u follow, then I will follow back and u r always welcome to starting a conversation about anything in the comments! Please ask questions or recommendation, I would love to hear them (more like read 😐) and I'am constantly online so I'll probably answer to the comments quite quick.

And if ur interested in becomeing friends then pls add me on Genshin 😗 (European server and only if u want to)


have a good day/morning/evening byeeeeeeeee 😁😗❤️✨💕

P.S I'm trying to make my bio look ✨ AESTHETICALLY  PLEASING✨ So it's gonna look quite weird

cos my lazy ass is just gonna give up on it sooner or later 

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Jujutsuufan2 May 13, 2022

Thanks darling I hope you are having a good night and day as well ! Thabks for following me as well !🙆

AquamarineGem May 6, 2022

Hey! It's nice to meet you. Thank you for following back! 

Hope you're having fun playing volleyball at school. What's your favorite classes so far? 

Misatoo Apr 22, 2022


cherryblossom510 Apr 17, 2022

Hi, Thanks for following me and since we are very similar I followed you too ^^ and based on the characters you like I think you watch some cool stuff too!!! And are u an Army by any chance?

ThatOneFriend Apr 9, 2022