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KaedeAkamatsuSimp384 Mar 27, 2022

hmmm my other favorites? made in abyss fairy tail talentless nana lovelab haikyuu toilet bound hanako kun

WonderofU129 Mar 26, 2022

Wbu, which anime are you currently interested in aside from demon slayer

WonderofU129 Mar 23, 2022

Thanks for the rec, I'll watch it when I'm caught up on aot and I'm having high hopes because it really is up there in the ranking I think it was 21 rank

KaedeAkamatsuSimp384 Mar 20, 2022

RIGHT???? its so painful when u realise u just read the last chapter/watched the last episode of this anime u were binging and loving😭✊

and yea mikasa became more interesting in s4 when she had to live without her precious eren

i do miss the old eren so bad tho even tho he was annoying asf atleast he didn't do genocide back then

Interest Mar 20, 2022

My favourite Character from JJK is Itadori, but also Gojo 

I love them both! Who's ur favourite?