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Perfect Blue

Nov 17, 2019

Perfect Blue - A Strange Reality

The anime world has always been there to push the limits of what an animation can archiee. It has a special touch to it, you can see how well it can go from the cutest of movies made for kids, to some of the most exciting adventures for the whole family. But it goes beyond that and pushes for a more adult audience, and it does manage to pull this without having to change its core nature.

But some kind of movies push for not only an older audience, but also a more mature audience, and that’s the kind of movie Perfect Blue is. While there are many reasons as to why kids should NOT watch this movie, maybe some grown ups shouldn’t either, but let’s talk about that

The Twisted Mind of Society

Perfect Blue tells the story of Mima, a young Japanese idol who’s transitioning and expanding her career, leaving her band behind and pursuing a career in acting. However she’s about to find out that when you’re an idol, your life does not belong to yourself only. Soon she realises she’s getting deeply stalked and gets harassed by a fan, and while trying to keep it all together fiction and reality begins to merge as she struggles to stay in control of her own life.

The film itself is an adaptation of a novel by the same name, however the director and animation genius Satoshi Kon decided that many aspects of the novel would not work out well in a movie adaptation and decided to take a lot of liberties in the adaptation process. We can see many of the elements he’s famous for present in this film in a majestic way.

It is an introspection into how society shapes the lives of these young idols in the rough japanese market of young artists. This is a small window into how the pressure from fans and people close to them affects them in a physical and psychological way. S shivering look into the japanese media world that takes on these people in many aspects of their life, while also looking at the other side of this experience, putting us in the mind of a crazy fan


Are you really ready for Perfect Blue?

This is a thrilling experience that you’ll need to prepare for, it is not your average anime movie to chill and relax, but it is a rather exhausting film. You’ll have to pay attention to the small details throughout the film to keep up with the plot, but it is still strongly advised to watch the movie more than once in order to understand what’s really going on.

Satoshi Kon manages to deliver an amazingly thrilling experience that will make you use your head and pay attention, while keeping you on the edge of your seat throughout the whole movie. A hypnotizing that shows us the main character not only having to face the toughness of being an idol in a strongly mediated society, but it also shows us her battle with herself over changing everything in her life as she lives a lot of traumatic experience.

It is certainly not a movie for everyone, some will not get it and many people could missjudge, while arguing that it is an overly complicated plot, but the truth is that there are very few things to criticize from Perfect Blue, and they are mostly regarding its animation, which could be better. However what it lacks in animation it makes up in plot quality and excellent drawing style.

A film that has nothing to envy from any complex live action movies, and it even goes on to show the advantages animated films have over real life for story telling, and as usual with Satoshi Kon, bending reality in a list of ways. This movie is a solid 9.6/10

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9.6/10 overall
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