Lout of Count’s Family

Alt titles: Baekjakgaui Mangnaniga Doeeotda, Trash of the Count's Family

Ch: 47+
2020 - ?
4.462 out of 5 from 2,264 votes
Rank #442
Lout of Count’s Family

I woke up inside of a novel. And in the body of that lout from the Count's family... Also, the main character that utterly destroyed me in the story, Choi Han is coming.

Source: Copin Comics

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As per yoojh, I didn't appreciate the imported artwork--photos and 3D renderings--used in some of the backgrounds. There are some pretty beautiful characters, but the eyes (especially Cale's) are kinda unexpressive. Colorful and shimmery panels. The exposition of events is lacking. Like, we know Cale is using the events from the novel to prevent some things and gain advantages (for the quixotic goal of living peacefully), but the way these events are introduced and tied together feels very haphazard. Frequently, things feel half-explained or as though they're just missing something. For some reason, I get that impression almost every time Ron is brought up. I don't really care for the shield and vitality quests, nor the implication that fe will continue tracking down these spirits and gaining power-ups. Most of the allies that end up surrounding Cale I don't have strong feelings about one way or another (they're just there to show how this supposed "trash" is actually a decent leader), but the dragon is absolutely adorable. It's like the animal version of a tsundere, where it follows behind them from a distance. I got How To Train Your Dragon flashbacks. Seeing Cale being wily, competent, and nonchalant while suppressing feir dread is quite entertaining and keeps me wanting to read more. But the awkward exposition, the meh side characters, and some uncompelling plot choices have held this manhwa to mediocrity (at least for me). [Reviewed at chapter 33]

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