I’m the Max-Level Newbie

Alt title: Na Honja Mallep Newbie

Ch: 129+
2021 - ?
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I’m the Max-Level Newbie

Kang Jinhyeok, a gaming streamer and content creator, is the only person who has cleared the game, [Tower of Trials]. However, as the game’s popularity declines, it becomes increasingly difficult for him to continue making a living as a content creator. Jinhyeok prepares to end his 11-year-long relationship with the game and say goodbye to his humble group of subscribers. But on that very day, the Tower of Trials appears in reality with a message saying that humanity will perish unless all players clear each floor within 90 days. Jinhyeok, who knows the game better than anyone, decides to use his knowledge to his advantage and dominate the tower. It’s time to show everyone what a hardcore gamer can do! 

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I will divide my review into 3 parts. The first part will be a short overview of my opinions, the second part will be more in depth, and the final will be about what I dislike about the direct parts of the Manhwa. You can read part one to consult yourself if you want to read, part two if you want to talk about it and part three if you are really bored and want to discuss my opinions, but in the end, this is just my opinion. Part one: The story is a bit on the generic side of novel Manhwas and a bit lacking but not that bad overall if you need a bit of light reading while bored.  The art is great. One of the better ones out there. The MC is a bit lacking, personality wise and there are no important side characters, only one was shown that could be important in chapter 7, but for now remains a mystery. Overall, it's not passable for me, but since it is only on the 13th chapter, I will stick around and update my review as needed. Part two:  If you just started reading Manhwas then I guess you don't see the problem, but I do. I have read a lot of great Manhwas and a lot of awful ones, and I am proud to say that I know when I see a cookie cutter Manhwa. The art style is great, don't get me wrong, but the story is blander than British cuisine. The World Story has not yet been explained as to why the game manifested but it’s not that much of a problem since it just started. Let’s hope that the writer has a plan for it. The MC is super basic and there are no significant characters that have been introduced that have good enough depth. For now, there have been a few characters here and there that have been introduced as if they were meant to be significant to the story, but so far none were good enough. I do not dislike the part about him knowing most about the game, but only if it is used in a reasonable amount, but the story writer continues to use it to fill the holes in his story. For a game to exist as much as the main game in the 'Solo Max-Level Newbie' it would be normal for it to have every part of it documented and explored. But in the story only the MC knows hidden details about it which makes 0 sense given the number of players that played the game both professionally and non-professionally, it is not explained why everyone slowly stopped playing the game and/or why does only the MC know the most important bits. The part about using magic is still puzzling to me. The game manifested and in a span of 24 hours people knew how to use magic naturally as if it was always there. It could be that since it was a full-dive game that the players could learn there, but It's not that possible since we don’t have a sensory organ for mana so the game could not replicate what it should feel, but since it's a fantasy-story I am willing to look past this. I updated my review because it was pointed out to me by a comment that he was not a neet as I said, so I went and reread the whole thing as it didn't take too much time. The MC was a pro gamer that did streaming as a job and on the side went to the gym and was so good with sports that they said to him to go pro. He also specified that the reason why he could finish the game and knows so much about it was because he ‘no-lifed’ it, and that does not contradict the fact they told him to go pro, but that also doesn't support that idea. That is if we take "no-life" as in spending as much time as possible in-game. Part three: Chapter 1:           I have never heard someone call a difficult game a „trash game“. 500 USD per month in South Korea is not even 1/5 of the Korean average salary, and to live with that little money is a bit of a stretch considering he uses a lot of internet for gaming, more than average money for mukbang streams and even pays for a gym. The story writer conveniently left out the name of the martial art the MC could have gone pro with. Chapter 2:           The new introduced character Lee Jung Su ‘Newtuber’ said that our MC did nothing but play the game all day in his room, which contradicts the fact that or MC could go pro in a sport, unless the go pro event took place 11 years prior. Chapter 4:           Considering that the MC played the game 11 years and was involved in the community, there was no way that he would do the mistake of “using his standards” unless they wanted to portray him as an arrogant character which is useless considering the buildup of his MC-personality. The MC says that he had to starve several days for his mukbang content, which explained how he lived with 500 USD per month, but it seems that the whole point of this is to make our MC seem poor, so more people like him. And if you consider that he went to the gym, if he had done it while starving, he would have likely passed out, and it would hurt his stamina and muscles so that he wouldn’t be able to go pro anyway. Chapter 6:           Really convenient for our MC that the ‘Pinewood tiger (Replica)’ was there untorn even under shards of glass, and that the girl just happened to have ‘The mask of Tutankhamun (Replica)’. Chapter 7:           No one really needed the map since the game has been up for 11 years and I am 100 % sure that there should have been a map on the internet. Chapter 9:           Pay attention. He says we when saying that they found a solution in an abandoned ruin. That was 6 years ago. He goes in the labyrinth named ‘Labyrinthos’ and the people that follow him have no idea about the labyrinth. So that makes him the only person that entered it knowing what it does and that it has a huge impact on proceeding trough the floors, which means that ether no one else knew about it or that everybody else just forgot. Chapter 11:         Guiding the minotaur to those noobs that he knew that would have died was just shitty on his part. Chapter 12:         Explains that old videos of the game have been locked and even blogs as well, so that is to explain why so little people have information, but also a lot of people know this stuff so they can post the info online now. No one knows who our MC is but considering as he was a pro in the game and a streamer, a lot of people should have known about him.


Solo Max Level Newbie[Review] By [Updating] Story: This story is a typical and generic "Awakened" type of story; it is generic and doesn't have good depth in the story. The MC knows everything; there are no challenges for the MC to further grow the MC. It is bland and the abandunce of this type of series is too much, there is no uniqueness and orginality to this series. The story is very fragmented; it appears there are some characters/items the author originally wrote, forgot, then immdietely forces it into the story. This makes it very confusing and it drags chapters over the sea. The "RPG" themed element further blocks character growth as the MC knows everything about the system and the game and thus the "RPG" system does most of the work for the MC. There is also no side characters that possess enough importance in the story/plot line, which focuses the story completely on the MC; which makes it very hard to keep up with side-characters when they appear. Art: The art is surpisngly decent as colors used all have supporting tones and shades are utilised extremely well. Though there are some mishaps, the linework also enhances the art as a whole, and overall makes the art in this series somewhat decent. Characters As I said earlier, there is no side character with importance and it solely focuses on the MC. However even the MC does not get much character development, and almost no character other than the MC are given backstories, which reduces the story's depth. Overall: Overall, I would not recommend you read this series as it is bland, common, generic and unoriginal. It is boring with almost no character growth and there is no depth in the series as well. I hope it eventually gets better, but my expections for this are low, as for more than 40+ chapters none of it has been mended. Thanks for reading my review!


The basic premise of each storyline has been exactly the same, and it can be explained like this: There are three tiers of "players": newbie, expert, and god-level.The newbies flounder and panic and have little to no idea what they're doing.The experts, confident, rush to complete certain tried and true strategies.While Jinhyuk, the sole god-level, ignores that "expert" strategyand instead enacts a counterintuitive strategy that no one else knows about. It can be satisfying to see Jinhyuk looking down on all the supposed experts as they do things which fe has long since discovered to be pointless. The three storylines so far, the three areas where Jinhyuk's out-there strategies are shown off, are the Mangrove Tree (ch. 2-4), the Museum (ch. 5-8), and the 1st Floor Labyrinth (ch. 9-present). Fe's definitely overpowered and has things work out in a way that appears easy, though it's palatable because we know it's only easy this time around because fe's spent eleven years previously grinding and struggling to fine-tune how to do things. I do find feir fusion ability to be somewhat of a ridiculously convenient ability, but I also look forward to see what type of combinations will come about. I appreciate the little mini quests which Jinhyuk must complete before gaining a new skill--it helps add some tension and acts as a built-in excuse for tangential material. Other than Jinhyuk, none of the characters have had much time to shine. Each storyline has gotten a new cast of supporting characters, so I haven't been able to build bonds with any of them. The art is very nice. Clean and pleasing. [Reviewed at chapter 12]

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