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Hello there, anime enthusiasts, welcome to my page. Don't forget to take off your shoes before you enter.

Since being introduced to anime through the series Kill La Kill it quickly became my favourite source of entertainment. Obvioulsy I watched all the classics when I was younger such as Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, Dragonball and such, but who hasn't? I haven't watched many but I try to watch as many as I can with the time given, I'm a student so don't have that much time to watch new shows.

I don't tend to watch shows that are not yet finished simply because I like to just binge on a show and finish a series in one week, I often go to my brother SpanglishJC for new recommendations. You may also notice that I don't rate anime on this profile, the main reason for that being I just don't know how I should rate stuff and my rating differs depending on my mood. Sometimes I just feel lazy and feel like watching something a bit crazy where I don't have to pay much attention to what the characters are saying, and sometimes I want to watch something where if you miss one line of subtitles that's it, your life is basically forfeit.

Anyway, a little about myself... I am at least the 7th best Spanish, Diabetic Bassist you'll ever meet, and that's not just me saying that. Here are some quotes from friends and family just to show off what a swell guy I am:

Mother: Well, at first I didn't know if I wanted another child but by the time we got to the clinic we were too late!

Older Brother: Yeah, whatever, just follow my page and maybe I'll give you a Kit-Kat so you don't die.

Best friend: For the last time STOP. FOLLOWING. ME. you diabetic freak.

Victim #6: No! Please! Don't take my pancreas!

Dad: *Leaves*...

Pancreas: *Dies*...

... Well, that pretty much sums me up!

Nah, I'm okay. I am diabetic though, but type 1. Not type 2. 

And my Dad still lives with my family, so stop crying.

And no I don't steal peoples insulin. Well not that many at least...

I currently study Mathematics at University and it seems to be going quite well. As I said, I do very much enjoy anime but I spend most of my time studying or just socialising with my friends in my student house or with the Rock Society, as in Rock music, not geology. Speaking of trigonometry, I used to be the bassist in a band, we were even on the radio once, but it was a channel with probably only 6 listeners... I haven't played in a band now for years and play bass as a hobby now, as well as guitar. I also like to drink, mainly whiskey or beer. Now, don't you feel enlightened knowing all this stuff about a complete stranger? I bet you do, I know I would.

That's all for now I suppose, if you want to leave a message or recommend something to me, be it anime, manga, music or anything really, don't hesitate to do so.

Thank you, come again. TUTURU!

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Go back onto your profile you smelly sausage!

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Now you have no excuse not to watch Ghost in the Shell!

SpanglishJC Dec 3, 2016

I said I was going to leave another pointless comment so here you go :)