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I'm Derek! I've been a big anime fan for many years. I have to blame Walt Disney for my addiction all things animated. As for my preference in anime, I'll watch almost anything whether good or bad as long as it's new to me. Some great anime I've watched has been Summer Wars, Akira, the original Ghost in the Shell movie, Fairy Tail, Death Note, Made in the Abyss and The Promise Neverland.

 My rating system is thus:

5 is one that's out of the ball park in terms of story, foley work, and animation.

4 is one that is very good but may have some technical issues, but still a great one to watch.

3 is it may not be that good but is still enjoyable to watch.

2 is if you are really bored.

1 is, don't waste your time unless you are a masochist.

I just enjoy anime for the sake of anime. But regardless of criticism, it is the studio and the artist's conception to make the product and everyone has their tastes. Also please keep in mind that the genre has changed over the past 30 years with new styles of animation and storytelling. P.S. I'm a big ink and paint person! But if is bad anime I'd rate on the Milk-chan/Shin-chan clause.

They are just animation folks!



Cat Girls Rule! Ao wow!

Cat boys soon. Hey, Schrodinger.

All my cat boys are not fit for public consumption.

I have to be fair and balanced.


Here me, fear me! Never dare to cheer me!

I'm the greatest necromancer ever was!

All my deeds with magic reek,

I'm the whole thing, so to speak!

I'm the wonderful Wizard of Oz!

By L. Frank Baum










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Oceanwithwaves Mar 6, 2020

You're welcome! I found your profile really interesting and you seemed like a nice person.

Thank you so much! Have you watched any good anime lately?

StanOfFandom Feb 21, 2020

Thanks mate.

octodoge Dec 16, 2019

Oh thank you! o3o Most of the time I just randomly leave scores on things I really love or really hate and there's a lot of shows I've seen in the past that I'd have to rewatch in order to give a fair score. Also I find it hard to rate a show 1 to 5 cause I feel like every show has some good in it and I end up giving it a score higher than it actually deserves :P

Sorry this response turned out so long but thank u for following me back! 😊

extremelyboring Nov 23, 2019

No problem thanks for the follow back. I just rate  off enjoyment. 

Also love the promised Neverland and death note too.

HKBattosai Aug 9, 2019

Hi worknboy! 19,997 episodes watched! Only three away from the big 20K! Awesome!