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Helloooo!!! ^^

Yeah, i don't really know what to say... Anyways, i'm a 18 year old girl that fell in love with anime, manga and Drama around 7 years ago ^0^ I love sharing my thoughts and feelings about series av seen and manga I've read, so If you are interested then move on to my reviews list.

My favorite anime is :

Fairy Tail


Soul Eater

Ghost hunt

Spice and Wolf



Sket Dance


Darker than black

Chuunbyou demo koi ga shitai!





Favorite Manga:

Fairy Tail!!

Soul Eater!!!!!!!!!!

Boyfriend (Yamade Daisy) 

strobe edge

Ao Haru ride

Barajou no Kiss

Bakura ga ita

Kimi ni Todoke

Gakuen Alice


yamato nadeshiko shichi henge

Nodame Cantabile


Skip beat

Atashinchi no Danshi

Paradise Farm


Flower boy next door

Wonderful life

Stars falling from the sky

Shining inheritance

Wild Romance


Lately I have seen some Unromance anime, because everything is looking the same, so I have spent my time watching some other kinds of series, and i must say, Horror and mystery has climbed up a bit. I aso noticed that my favorit kind of anime, is a mystery, comedy and hint of romance... Like red in face and cute mmoments :) More then actuall romance scenes... Even if they are good aswell ;) 

So the ones i love! Is Hyouka and Ghost Hunt!


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kittykitty Dec 5, 2023

sorry for my stalking! I love me a fellow fairy tail lover! <3

Grach Jun 26, 2014

 Hallo! sothis, the site's creator, is planning a major redesign for the site (it comes out rather soon; perhaps in the next week or so), and the blog feature is unortunately going away. More can be found here. Make sure to take a look when it goes live!


 I'm just a helpful volunteer in a project to notify those who have blogs posted here, like yourself, that the blog feature is going away. So if you want to save the information that you posted in your blog on the site, you’ll need to move that information someplace else on the site that WON’T be going away. If you don’t move the information to another part of the site, the information will be gone when the new site design goes live, unfortunately.



 So, we are telling everyone that has posted a blog this, and then we are making suggestions where they can move their information, based on what information their blog contained. This comment has recommendations to you where to move your blog content.



Your blogs posting about the different anime series that you've seen and your feelings about them can be moved not only into your reviews area (which is really simple), but also (at least for those about specific episodes) to the forums area of the site. To make a forum account, you will see a notice that has "register a forum account now". Click that, and then follow the steps that come next. Soon you'll have your very own account!



If you have any questions, please feel free to get back to me, and I will try to assist.

Jawesome Dec 24, 2013

Hello! I got really into J /K drama this year and once again I need your suggestions. I kinda forgot before ignoring my list of them but YOU were the one who recommened me my whole J drama list. Thank you! I just finished Seigi no mikata about an hour ago and I give my first love to you! Both were really good, especially the first one but the second one made me cry so much! You were very right, I think I may be ready for that other tearjerker, My Rainy Days. Anywho Yamamoto Yusuke is a super good actor too, he was great in Ouran High School Host Club and Paradise Kiss! This is getting a bit ranty but my point in this is-- recommend me more? :D 


Jawesome Nov 10, 2012

 Ha ha, I was just reading my old messages when I saw yours all the way back in June! I am awful at returning messages sorry... so that "top 10 favorite male anime characters" video could I still get the link for it? Thanks^-^

RyanGirl Sep 11, 2012

The ones I'm ongoing is Eureka Seven: AO (which seems to be a lot more actiony than romance) and Accel World which is enjoyable but again not a lot of romance just here and there but I like the fact how the main male character: Haru isnt your typical hero; I watched Zero no Tsukaima a long time ago but I liked it but I didnt have a lot of patience for the male character or Louise and was kind of bored with it but I still liked it and I need to watch the sequels but havent gotten the chance yet...

I've heard good things about Ranma 1/2 (from my teacher actually haha) but havent actually the chance to see it; Eureka Seven is one of my fav. animes but I do understand that it was a little boring at times but I do agree that Holland is amazing! Sometimes I cant stand slow love scenes, its like the manga in Kimi ni Todoke, it literally took them 11 volumes to actually get together...but it's enjoyable all the same..