Vol: 19+; Ch: 82+
2000 - ?
3.742 out of 5 from 36 votes
Rank #16,341

In a world where humans and demons coexist under a fragile peace, change is coming... A mysterious drug, known only as "Zone-00," seems to be causing demons all over Tokyo to lose control and revert to their old, violent ways. Enter two young students who stand on opposite sides of an ageless conflict. One a demon, the other an exorcist, they must now join forces to uncover the secret of "Zone-00" before it's too late!

Source: Viz

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I orginally had never heard of this manga series, and discovered a friend reading it while at school. I questioned about it and asked to borrow it, but she warned me that it may be a bit crazy, probably too crazy for me to handle. And she was right. I found nothing appealing in this manga, except for its very intriging art style, and its fast paced storyline. But even that is flawed and stood out too much for me to enjoy. I had to drop it, because I could not, for the life of me, understand what the heck was going on. STORY- 1/10 One of its most prominent problems; its very hard to follow. And I mean very. The pacing is not very great and goes way too fast at times. Something would happen in the manga, and it kind of just jumps out at you out of nowhere if you aren't paying close attention to it. The structure of the story wasn't good either. It jumped too quickly from one thing to another and back again, and still left you puzzled, even if everything had been solved.  ART- 1/10 Normally, any kind of art style is fine with me, ad even leads me personally to love a weird art syle. However, Zone-00's artwork only made the pacing more horrid. In addition to not understanding what was going on story-wise, the art was very dark and confusing. Each panel was cluttered, to a point where I didn't understand who was who and what was happening, and the text didn't help either. The art style was kind of visually unappealing at times, and just downright gross.  CHARACTERS-2/10 The characters were probably the most interesting part of the manga, even if I didn't understand what was happening to them. From what I can remember and understand is that the characters, though some not likable in personality, were very comedic and colorful, making the experience a lot more enjoyable than it was at first. Each character was developed differently and in a comical way. OVERALL-1/10 Unfortunately, this manga was not very interesting to follow, or easy. Not to say that no one else will find enjoyment out of this, for it you are a fan of gross out humor, complicated pacing or stories, and chaotic yet somewhat intriguing art style, you would like this. For me personally though, my experience wasn't very enjoyable. 

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