The Voice Next Door

Alt title: Yeopjip Choeae

Ch: 34
3.748 out of 5 from 551 votes
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The Voice Next Door

I quit my job, became a voice actor, and drastically changed my looks — all to catch the attention of dreamy Jaehyun from work. But he doesn’t know I’m me! What he does know is that I dub his favorite animation, and adores the way I sound. But now he’s my next door neighbor too?! A perfect chance for neighborly love! 

Source: TappyToon

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A handsome colleague you've a crush on points out your voice's sexiness, you also spotted him doing the naughty naughty with another guy at an alleyway confirming that he's 100% gay, the next step is to..... of course, go on a diet, get plastic surgery, & become a voice actor on top of that because words of praise coupled with the power of love can be really motivational y'know??  So Junseok is the guy who completely transformed himself for Jaehyun, thing he's still lacking after the transformation is balls (sorry not sorry). He's so insecure about his past looks that all he does is RUN away from Jae when evidence of his past is close to leaking. If Jae wasn't such an aggressive uke he'd be missing the chance to even be with him now lol. Ik it's tiring to see him do that but some people's inferiority complex could reach an extent where they're afraid of confronting their own insecurities in fear of rejection. Junseok's an extreme case so I dun blame him at all, he doesn't behave shittily & is a voice acting geek to boot, his unique charm already won me over so fuck everything else!  Jaehyun on the other hand is a sucker for good-looking dudes so it's a given that Junseok would be afraid of getting dumped if his past was found out. It didn't exactly send out a good message since this gives off a "looks really do matter" vibe. For example Jaehyun's only attracted to Junseok's face and Evan voice at first. But Evan (the character whom Junseok voice-acts) and his semi-covered face served as that change in Jae's biased preferences, since he used to only care about anime characters with a certain look before Evan, who became his new fav anime husbando even tho his eyes are covered. His new fav character corresponds to Jae & Jun's reality well if ya get what I mean, in the end Junseok was forced to come clean & Jae didn't even bother prying into those insignificant details Jun tried hiding because he already love Junseok for who he is now. 

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